Month: October 2008

One Family’s Secret History of the Jonestown Massacre

Excerpt: On the three FBI disks were two quite intimate letters, written independently of each other by Phyllis and Gene and addressed to Jim Jones at a moment when both the Jonestown community and the Chaikins' relationship were beginning to unravel in the jungles of Guyana.

These letters witness the moral destruction of a married couple shortly before Jones brought about their physical annihilation. Above all, they reveal two very different responses to his influence, as half of this couple advocates genocide and the other attempts in vain to defy the minister at the eleventh hour and to save their children's lives.

Marshall Vian Summers

Good aliens are watching bad aliens interfere with the earth. The bad aliens want to eventually take over our resources. The good aliens believe only in etical contact: information vs. interference. And thus they have been giving messages to Marshall Vian Summers designed, he claims, to warn mankind.

Interacting with Emerging Church Culture

David Kowalksi: "I have spent hundreds of hours over the past several years conversing with "emerging Christians" as I have listened to them and tried to convince them of their need to embrace true, biblical faith and historical orthodoxy.

As a result of this experience I have learned that despite the diversity in the emergent movement there is a behavioral culture to the emerging church movement as a whole and I have learned to adapt my communication strategies for most effectively interacting with its participants. "