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While you are free to link to any page or individual entry within Apologetics Index, the look, “feel” and original content of Apologetics Index are © Copyright 1996-2018 (and following years) by Apologetics Index ™.

Apologetics Index is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Where copyright is concerned, copyright infringement is governed not only by civil law, but also by criminal law.


  • Do Not Copy or Reproduce Our Content
    You may not copy or reproduce entire pages or entries (in any medium, including – but not limited to – discussion forums, Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, blogs and web pages) without express, written (on paper) permission from the publishers of Apologetics Index.

    This is true also for services that encourage you to save copies of webpages online.

  • Do Not Frame Our Content
    You may also not frame any of AI’s pages, as that would be a violation of the “fair use” principle embodied in international Copyright Laws.
Copyright violations that are accompanied by a statement to the effect that you “believe” you are covered by “fair use” “as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. copyright law” will not stand up under legal scrutiny.

Other than possible fines assigned in a court of law, you will be held accountable for all costs incurred in defending our copyright.

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Why we have this copyright policy

  • To protect the integrity of the material presented
    Many of our entries are edited and updated from time to time to reflect new information, corrections and/or changed links. Having multiple older, potentially obsolete versions of our articles posted elsewhere defeats the purpose.
  • To comply with copyright law
    Apologetics Index includes fair use quotations, as well as material for which we obtained permission for publication at this website. If you republish such material without permission from the original publishers you can be held liable for violating their copyrights.
  • To protect our investment
    We go to great lengths to provide Apologetics Index as a service to all. We invest lots of time, energy as well as oodles of money (high-quality dedicated server, research material, computer equipment, etcetera). At times we have had to defend the site against legal challenges by various cults or other parties. This is ‘our baby’ and we don’t want to see it ‘kidnapped.’

Use in Bible Study Groups, Home Fellowships, Church Bulletins, et cetera

You may photocopy articles for use in church bulletins, Bible Study Groups, Home Fellowships, counseling situations, and so on, under the following conditions:

  • Copies must be in non-electronic format
  • Do not copy and print any articles which are marked with a copyright statement indicating that the copyright belongs to a third party and not to Apologetics Index. In such cases we have obtained special permission to post the material at our website only.
  • You may not charge for any material copied from the Apologetics Index website
  • The material must include this information:
    © Copyright Apologetics Index — All Rights Reserved.

Use in Personal Study

You are welcome to copy, store and print articles for your personal use.


If you wish to use any of our original material and are not sure whether your intended use is permitted please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.