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International House of Prayer

The International House of Prayer (IHOP) identifies itself as a charismatic Christian organization based in Kansas City, Missouri.

After a dispute with the International House of Pancakes (the real IHOP), the International House of Prayer started to use IHOP-KC (for Kansas City) instead.

It was founded on May 7, 1999 by Mike Bickle — who was also involved in the controversial Kansas City Fellowship (later renamed Metro Christian Fellowship) where he pastored the so-called Kansas City Prophets.

Bickle claims to be visited by angels and to hear God’s voice audibly. While he does not claim to be an ‘apostle,’ he does not discourage others from referring to him as such. He believes that people when people stand before the Judgment seat of Christ they will be held accountable for how they responded to the prophetic encounters and prophecies he and others leaders had about IHOP and its prayer movement.

While many Americans know the IHOP acronym to represent the ‘International House of Pancakes,’ Paul Cain — a heretical minister who considers himself to be a prophet used the initials as an acrostic for the vision of the ministry, which was Intercession, Holiness, Offerings and Prophecy.

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The International House of Prayer is a 24-hours a day, citywide, worship and warfare, inter-denominational prayer ministry serving the body of Christ. This ministry is modeled after the tabernacle of David with singers and musicians being released to lead corporate intercession and worship 24-hours a day. This is an effective method for the churches in the county to come together and DWELL in unity so that God can unlock His commanded blessing. …The Word of God Declares “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations” Mark 11:17. … This House of Prayer for All Nations ministry includes continuous praise and prayer dethroning the principalities and power over a region declaring Gods sovereignty. This is in the spirit of Revelation 4-5 “Harp & Bowl” worship and warfare prayer gatherings, the harp representing praise and the bowl representing the prayers of the saints which is at the heart of David’s Tabernacle.
– Source: Restoring David’s Tabernacle, Revival Times

The International House of Prayer holds prayer meetings around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A short from the 48 Hours broadcast, A Fall From Grace, in which CBS correspondent Troy Roberts reports on the unusual scene of Bethany Deaton’s death, and why investigators struggled to determine if it was suicide or murder.

IHOP “is planning a $150 million-plus world headquarters a few miles south in Grandview that would include a 5,000-seat conference center, a Bible college (IHOP University) and administration offices.” 1

So IHOP is a place of perpetual worship, with continuous two-hour sets of rock band praise music and prayer, which the Web site calls “heroically keeping the fire upon the altar.”

“Get 24/7 access to the prayer room for as little as $10 a month,” offers the Web site.

It also is a Bible school – IHOPU – at which students pay $1,500 a semester to earn two- and four-year certificates.

The Forerunner Ministry curriculum focuses on the End Times. The school is not accredited; meaning credits are not transferable to regular colleges.

IHOPU also has a music academy and a media school at which students use the latest equipment to learn lighting, video production, graphics, scoring and audio effects.

IHOP has outgrown the old Terrace Lake Shopping Center in the 3500 block of Red Bridge Road. At the west end is Glad Heart Realty, which works closely with people moving here to attend IHOP. The broker/owner is Bickle’s wife, Diane. According to the agency’s Web site, all profits go to the IHOP ministry.

The group also occupies another strip center on Grandview Road as well as the former Kernodle Lake community, which now is called Shiloh Retreat and used for IHOP conferences. The 94-acre Shiloh site is blocked from public access. The music academy is in what once were Grandview School District administrative offices.

Most recently, IHOP has contracted to purchase the Grandview Plaza shopping center, which is just south of the site of the planned 125-acre development across U.S. 71 from Truman Corners.

Erin Bardon of BNB Design, a Lenexa-based architecture firm, said occupancy of the new Truman Prayer Center is scheduled for summer 2013. Later phases call for dorms, a hotel and office towers, said Bardon, who is not an IHOP member.

An extensive campaign is under way to raise money for the Grandview project just east of U.S. 71, Hall said. Large donors are expected to show up.

Page 11 of the IHOPU catalog contains these words: “We are looking for a generation of radical young people who are willing to prepare their own hearts and lives that they may soon prepare others for the return of Jesus.”
– Source: Entreaties never stop at the International House of Prayer, Donald Bradley, The Kansas City Star, July 26, 2009

Cult of Christianity

At Apologetics Index we consider the International House of Prayer to be, theologically, a cult of Christianity.

We also believe this movement’s theology leaves the door wide open for various forms of spiritual manipulation and abuse.

The Deception of the International House of Prayer (IHOP). Video created by third party

International House of Prayer — Research Resources


  • The “Harp and Bowl” 24-Hour Prayer Initiative and the ‘Restoration of the Tabernacle of David’ Excellent overview of the thinking, strange theology and history behind the IHOP ministry. By Tricia Tillin.

    Way back in what seems another life, I researched the Kansas City Prophets phenomenon. That was, in its time, as gripping a tale as the Toronto Blessing and contained much the same material – manifestations, false prophecies and dominion doctrine.

    Now some of the central figures involved in that discredited resurgence of the Latter Rain Movement are coming to public notice again for their Harp and Bowl initiative of round-the-clock prayer.

    In order to understand the continuity of belief, we have to refer back to the earlier events.

  • Love and Death In the House of Prayer By Jeff Tietz, Rolling Stone, January 21, 2014.

    Tyler Deaton, a self-appointed apostle in one of the fastest-growing evangelical movements, loved Jesus, Harry Potter and, much to his dismay, other men. When his wife turned up dead, the secrets began to spill out.

  • What Rolling Stone didn’t tell you about Tyler Deaton Background information provided by Kendall Beachey, a former IHOP member with knowledge of the people involved.

    The Rolling Stone article captures the influences that IHOP’s theology had on Deaton. Did IHOP and Mike Bickle make Tyler? This is hard to say. Certainly no one wanted what happened to happen, nor would IHOP support the type of control present in Deaton’s group. Yet, the differences, real and very significant, are still not as drastic as some may like. […]

    While intensified, twisted, and warped in Deaton’s group, the key dynamics of ecstatic religious experiences, charismatic giftings, and strong hierarchic authority based on religious devotion, fundamentalism, and asceticism are all values alive and well within the leadership culture of IHOP.


  • Beyond Grace: ‘Commentary on the Last Days.’ The link leads to an index of articles and resources on the International House of Prayer (IHOP) and Mike Bickle
  • Herescope. An online journal published by Discernment Ministries, Inc., revealing heresies and false teachings affecting the Church today.
  • SadParent’s Weblog [Also as PDF]

    I’ve lost a son (at least for now) to a thing called IHOP — he told me that “older and wiser council” had met with him. It was, therefore, his decision (after meeting with this “older and wiser council’) that he and I should have ZERO communication for “one least”. One year at least… that was over 2 years ago.

    That’s the beginning of a great novel in the making. It’s also the sad, sad truth behind the last 2 years and 3 months of my life. The International House of “Prayer” (and unaccredited university) has been the catalyst in tearing a once loving relationship between mother and son in half.
    – Source: Sadparent’s thoughts about…

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[1] Entreaties never stop at the International House of Prayer, Donald Bradley, The Kansas City Star, July 26, 2009


  1. Entreaties never stop at the International House of Prayer, Donald Bradley, The Kansas City Star, July 26, 2009

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