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The Institute for Religious Research (IRR) IRR is a nondenominational, nonprofit, evangelical Christian apologetics ministry located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

IIR provides resources in 27 languages and partnering with other Christian organizations to deliver apologetic training and materials all over the world.

The ministry is renowned for its resources on Mormonism, many of which are available online at the Mormons in Transition section of IRR’s website.

Online resources also include self-study Bible Courses, and a recently started blog, The Religious Researcher


The Institute for Religious Research (IRR) is a nondenominational, evangelical Christian ministry of apologetics and discernment. It was founded by Roger Hansen, a Christian businessman who serves still today as Chairman of the Board of Directors. IRR, which was originally known as Gospel Truths Ministries, was established as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization in 1986 and officially changed its name in 1989. From that time until his passing in November 2007, Luke P. Wilson was IRR’s Executive Director. Throughout this entire period Luke worked alongside Joel Groat, who continues as IRR’s Coordinator of Spanish Language Ministries. They were joined in 2000 by Glenn Evans, a Research and Counseling Associate who oversees IRR’s Mormons in Transition (MIT) ministry. In September 2008, Rob Bowman, a veteran of nearly twenty-five years in apologetics ministry, joined IRR as its new Executive Director.



  • Institute for Religious Research “We desire to promote — in a thoughtful and gracious manner — the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, as revealed in the Bible. We believe faith in Jesus Christ requires us to go beyond reason but not against it.”

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