Month: August 2006

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition in which hostages sympathise with their captors. It was first observed following a bank robbery in Sweden in 1973, when four employees of the Sveriges Kreditbank in Stockholm were held in the vault by raiders for more than five days. When police finally attempted to rescue them, several resisted their help and later refused to testify at the robbers' trials.

Stockholm Syndrome – Dictionary of Terrorism

The development of a sense of closeness and attachment between hostage and captor was first noticed during a bank robbery in Stockholm and came to be known as the Stockholm syndrome. The attempted robbery became a barricade and hostage situation. During the episode, a young woman hostage allegedly initiated sexual relations with her captor. The motivation was not a response to fear or coercion, but an intimacy that developed from sharing a common fate in a situation of mutual crisis and the protracted dependence of the woman captive on her captor. The relationship persisted after the bank robber's incarceration.

Mormon Fundamentalists

Mainstream Mormons believe in continuing revelation. Fundamentalist Mormons also believe in continuing revelation, but not at the cost of earlier revelations. In particular they hold on to the doctrine of polygamy. Once considered to be one of Mormonisms' most important teachings, the polygamy doctrine still plays a key role in Mormon theology.

Terry Hornbuckle Convicted

In March, 2005, Terry Hornbuckle was indicted on charges that he sexually assaulted three female church members -- ages 17, 20 and 37 at the time -- and, in two of the cases, drugged them. He's also facing a drug charge after police said they found one to four grams of methamphetamine and a glass pipe in his car during his arrest.

Terry Hornbuckle – Research Resources

When Bishop Terry Hornbuckle, pastor of the prominent Agape Christian Fellowship Church in Arlington, Texas, was recently arrested and indicted on charges of sexually assaulting three women and charged with felony possession of 1 to 4 ounces of methamphetamine, scores of faithful churchgoers were left shaking their heads and wondering how this could possibly have happened at their church, to their pastor. What, they were left to ponder, had gone wrong? And how could such an anointed and sincere preacher, who seemed to have everything, just throw it all away?