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Terry Hornbuckle – who on Aug. 22, 2006 was found guilty of rape – was the Founder and Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship, a multi-racial, multi-cultural church located in Arlington, Texas.

Shortly after his conviction, Hornbuckle was fired.

His wife, Renee, who until then was the church’s co-pastor, has taken over as senior pastor for a period of at least four months.

Bishop Terry Hornbuckle is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship, a multi-racial, multi-cultural church located in Arlington, Texas. Bishop Hornbuckle, along with his wife Pastor Renee’, pastor a congregation of 2500 members.

Together, they minister healing and hope to people from various social and economic backgrounds. As well as rounded and mature speakers, Pastors Hornbuckle address issues on how to balance and budget your finances, building stronger families in todays society; marriages, singles, leadership structure, and protocol. Known for their teamwork approach, their ministry displays current revelation that is spiritual, relevant, and practical.

Called as a couple with apostolic leadership, Bishop and Pastor Hornbuckles’ involvement extends beyond the boundaries of the spiritual community. Bishop Terry Hornbuckle, a Spiritual Advisor to Dallas Cowboys players. Pastor Renee’ owns and operates Women of Influence, Inc.– a ministry catering to women from all walks of life. Together, they founded Children of Destiny, a non-profit organization benefiting at-risk youth and they authored Forty Golden Nuggets That Will Lead You Into the Promised Land. Completed projects include The Destiny Center Gymnasium, a facility with over 10,000 square feet of educational, administrative, and performing arts space.
– Source: Our Pastors, Agape Christian Fellowship. Last accessed Aug. 17, 2006

It is not clear how and why Terry Hornbuckle received the title of ‘bishop.’ The American Heritage Dictionary says the term is used of

[a] high-ranking Christian cleric, in modern churches usually in charge of a diocese and in some churches regarded as having received the highest ordination in unbroken succession from the apostles.
– Source: Bishop American Heritage Dictionary

Indeed, Terry and Renee Hornbuckle claim to have been “called as a couple with apolostic leadership.” The Encyclopedia Britannica explains ‘apolostolic succession’ as follows:

In Christianity, the doctrine that bishops represent an uninterrupted line of descent from the Apostles of Jesus. This succession gives bishops special powers, including the right to confirm church members, ordain priests, consecrate bishops, and rule over the clergy and church members of a diocese. Clement, bishop of Rome, stated the doctrine as early as AD 95, and it is accepted by Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Old Catholic, and several other churches. Some Protestant churches maintain that succession is spiritual and doctrinal rather than ritual and historical.
– Source: Apolostolic Succession, Encyclopedia Brittanica

It is not clear what the Hornbuckles consider to be ‘apololic leadership.’

That said, in some Christian churches and movements it has become fashionable to take on various titles (e.g. ‘bishop,’ ‘apostle,’ ‘annointed preacher’) to indicate real or perceived spiritual leadership and/or ‘annointing.’

Dallas Cowboys

Terry Hornbuckle claims to be a spiritual advisor to Dallas Cowboy players. At least one former player, Emmitt Smith, described him as a spiritual advisor for the Cowboys. However, the Dallas Cowboys have stated in writing that Terry Hornbuckle was never employed by them, and that he has never been the team’s chaplain.


Terry Lee Hornbuckle

Born: Feb. 2, 1962

Home: Grapevine

Education: Graduated, Wilmer-Hutchins High School, 1980; bachelor’s degree in business, University of Texas at Arlington, 1986; master’s degree in religious education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1989; some Internet doctorate classes, Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Ind.

Church history: Mr. Hornbuckle starts Victory Temple Bible Church in Arlington with 15 members, 1986; the church moves into a former Dairy Queen building, 1987; church is renamed Agape Christian Fellowship, 1992; church moves into an 8,000-square-foot strip mall storefront in Arlington, 1995; church moves into a 30,000-square-foot, $3 million building in Arlington, 1999
– Source: Some believe power got the best of their pastor, The Dallas Morning News, USA, Apr. 25, 2005

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