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Terry Hornbuckle Convicted

In March, 2005, Terry Hornbuckle was indicted on sexual assault charges.

Pacing next to a kitchen table-size lectern in his $3 million church, Terry Hornbuckle often warned his congregation about demons.

Daily life was a fight against the basest human urges, he would explain to hundreds gathered at Agape Christian Fellowship in southeast Arlington. In one of his self-published books, Mr. Hornbuckle called it “Psychological Warfare.”

It was a battle the sharply dressed, charismatic preacher told the growing crowds that he could help them win — as long as they followed his advice and Scripture.

Now, former church members fear that Mr. Hornbuckle, who is free on bail on sexual assault and drug charges, has fallen prey to the demons he so eloquently preached against. He has denied the criminal charges.

Mr. Hornbuckle, 43, who started his 2,500-member nondenominational church in 1986 with a dozen friends, was indicted last month on charges that he sexually assaulted three female church members — ages 17, 20 and 37 at the time — and, in two of the cases, drugged them. He’s also facing a drug charge after police said they found one to four grams of methamphetamine and a glass pipe in his car during his arrest.
– Source: Some believe power got the best of their pastor, The Dallas Morning News, USA, Apr. 25, 2005

According to the Star-Telegram Terry Hornbuckle was being held in the Tarrant County Jail without bond because he repeatedly violated the conditions of his bail, including failing at least two drug tests.


On Aug. 22, 2006, a jury convicted Terry Hornbuckle:

Jurors in Fort Worth today convicted an Arlington minister of sexually assaulting three women.

Now comes the punishment phase for the Reverend Terry Hornbuckle, who founded the Agape Christian Fellowship.

Each sexual assault count carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.
– Source: Jury convicts Terry Hornbuckle on three sex assault charges, AP, via Star-Telegram, USA, Aug. 22, 2006

• News articles about the case are archived at Religion News Blog.

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