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Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

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Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

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News Update, Sep. 26, 2006: Vatican excommunicates Emmanuel Milingo.

Emmanuel Milingo is a controversial Roman Catholic bishop who has demonstrated a severe lack of Christian discernment, most recently by his involvement with cult leader Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church.

Fellow Catholic clergymen, who describe Milingo as a ''loose cannon,'' have been trying to figure him out for more than two decades.

A rising clerical star in his native Zambia, he became at 39 one of the youngest Catholic archbishops. He later performed scandalous faith healing and exorcisms before large crowds.

In 1983 he was transferred from Zambia to a Vatican desk job, but he continued his unorthodox practices in Italy against his superiors' wishes, performing in hotels and factories until he was removed again and stripped of his ultimate perk: a Vatican apartment.

The archbishop's lawyer, Emanuela Comiero, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa that his eviction last year pushed Milingo over the edge. He embraced Moon's church because it ''showed him the respect and consideration that were denied him at the Vatican,'' the lawyer said.
Archbishop's wife: It's not over, Tribune News Services, Aug. 26, 2001


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Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
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