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  • Married Catholic priest’s story Africa News, Apr. 1, 2011

    “I am enjoying marriage life,” reveals excommunicated Roman Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of southern African country of Zambia. In this exclusive with our network, Milingo has also disclosed how he sneaked from the Vatican where he was heavily guarded to join his wife in Korea.

    The Zambian-born Catholic Archbishop then at the Vatican astonished the world in 2005 at the age of 76 when he broke the celibacy law and married a Korean woman, Dr. Maria Sung linked to Reverend Moon.

    Our correspondent caught up with Milingo at the House of the Unification Church whose overseer is Reverend Moon, seven kilometres from the capital’s central district where he resides with his wife when in Zambia. It’s a complete home set up conducive for the couple.

    “I am so happy because I have found a way in which I can live a satisfying and fulfilling life,” Archbishop Milingo explained in a two-hour interview.

    The Archbishop says he took a long time reflecting and thinking on the celibacy law.

    “I have been reading the history of the Catholic Church and see on how they came to the conclusion to impose celibacy on the priests,” he says “After this I found out that there is a lot of injustice that has been committed by the Catholic Church by imposing the celibacy on the priesthood.” […]

    [T]he archbishop says marriage was more than what many people think about it. He says he came to learn that he could still serve God as an archbishop even though he was married.

    “It’s define, marriage is divine… it is not just a question of sexuality as the people do that Milingo at 70 years and now at 80 what will sexuality mean to him and so on?” Archbishop Milingo observes and adds, “But it’s above that when God made that (marriage) he didn’t even mention sex. He (God) said it’s not good for man to live alone let make him a partner. He didn’t only see sex but there is a lot that he put in a woman, he has put in a man and when put together there is a fulfilment of humanity.”

    Archbishop Milingo says by marrying he has learnt a lot and was slowly getting out all the prejudice he had about women. This he says is very important to his life. The Archbishop observes that priests normally look down upon the women.

    “I have found out that as you live with a woman you really have to be serious about what she is thinking because she too has experience in life,” says Archbishop Milingo who has now been married for about five years. “The holes of pride have been cut away from me and now I am sure I am going to Paradise.”


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  1. Emmanuel Milingo
  2. Emmanuel Milingo - Research Resources

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