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What is a cult?

What is a cult?

Sometimes it seems that question has as many answers as there are, well, cults.

Yet the term “cult’ has a precise definition — or rather, several precise definitions. Which definition is the right one largely depends on the context in which the term “cult’ is applied.

A “cult wine’ is, after all, something different than a “religious cult.’ A rock band with a “cult following’ differs greatly from a ‘suicide cult.’ And a “cult following’ is not necessarily the same thing as “following a cult.’

That’s the introduction of Cult Definition — a new ‘mini site’ published by Apologetics Index.

The purpose for the site, a sister publication to our Cult FAQ, is to provide definitions for the term ‘cult.’

The site will also note how the term ‘cult’ is used in the media.

It does so by providing brief quotes, where necessary some brief comments, and where appropriate links to resources for further research.

Similar mini-sites provide a look at the term ‘Cult Expert‘ and how to select a cult expert.

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