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White Aryan Resistance

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White Aryan Resistance

Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity White Aryan Resistance (WAR)

Tom Metzger

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A hate group led by Tom Metzger, an 'ordained minister' in the pseudo-Christian Christian Identity Movement.

Tom Metzger, a television repairman from Fallbrook, California, has been a leader in organized bigotry for more than 25 years. Metzger preaches a fierce brand of anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigrant invective, combined with a leftist-leaning revolutionary ideology known as the ''Third Position.'' He has been widely acknowledged as the principal mentor of the neo-Nazi skinhead movement since its appearance in America during the mid-1980s; in this connection, he attracted nationwide publicity in 1990, when an Oregon jury rendered a $12.5 million judgment against him and his son, John, for inciting the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant by skinheads. Today, although still paying the judgment, Metzger continues to cultivate a following through his monthly newspaper, WAR White Aryan Resistance, a Web site, a telephone hotline, an e-mail newsletter, and other media.

Stung by the $12.5 million judgment for his incitement of the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant by skinheads, Metzger has become an advocate of the ''lone wolve'' or ''leaderless resistance'' approach.

One of the most influential aspects of Metzger's right-wing activism has been his advocacy of the ''lone wolf'' or ''leaderless resistance'' model of extremism, which favors individual or small-cell underground activity, as opposed to above-ground membership organizations.

In a September 1999 edition of his weekly Aryan Update e-mail newsletter, for example, Metzger printed a piece, allegedly contributed by an unknown e-mail source, titled ''Advice for Lone Wolves.'' Its basic premise was the idea that since the ''White mass movement'' had completely failed for the past 30 years to produce any results, ''it would appear that our only hope lies in large numbers of people acting individually or in very small groups'' -- an idea formulated by past neo-Nazi and Klan leader Louis Beam.

According to the lone wolf model, individual and cellular resistance leaves behind the fewest clues for law enforcement authorities, decreasing the chances that activists will end up getting caught. The Aryan Update article elaborates on specific guidelines to which lone wolves are urged to adhere: act alone and leave no evidence; keep illegal acts to a minimum; do not commit robbery to obtain operating funds; act silently and anonymously; do not deface your body with identifiable tattoos; understand that you are expendable; and whatever happens, do not grovel. ''If our race is going to die, at least let us die with dignity!'' the writer concludes.

Metzger has commented that litigation intended to cripple fringe groups is actually driving them underground, where he believes activists can be more effective. ''If you take away his gathering place, you won't know where they are going to be,'' he said, referring to Aryan Nations' Richard Butler, who lost his Idaho compound after being bankrupted by a $6.3 million civil judgment stemming from an attack by his security guards on two passers-by. Metzger notes also that he and Butler, both in substantial debt resulting from unfavorable verdicts, remain vocal as ever.

WAR's websites states:

Lone Wolves Are Everywhere. We're In Your Neighborhoods, Financial Institutions, Police Departments, Military, and Social Clubs.
Source: ALT text with a picture of a rabid wolf, White Aryan Resistance site (Caution: hate speech). Accessed Dec. 11, 2001

Incidentally, the hate group's website is trying to attract attention by using unrelated META keywords, including: ''music, religion, christian, catholic, mormon, seventh day adventist, scientology, church, god, jesus, pagan, odin, football, baseball, basketball, sports, espn, weather, news, goverment.''


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White Aryan Resistance
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