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Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center

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Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center is a non-profit residential treatment facility that provides a program of counseling and instruction to victims of cultic abuse, religious abuse and/or mind control.

Wellspring is a residential counseling center specializing in the treatment of individuals who have suffered in abusive groups, whether religious or secular; these are oftencalled cults. Our program is also effective for those who have been in coercive relationships, andthose who have experienced professional abuse and/or sexual exploitation from therapists, doctors, clergy, and teachers. We are best known for our intensive two-week, residential program of counseling, education, and care. - Source: Wellspring Retreat: About Us

Wellspring is a Christian-based retreat center. But [Wellspring counselor Tiffany] Hawkins said staff members let clients bring up the topic of God. They don't want to push spirituality because many clients left situations in which leaders used God to manipulate them.

"Some don't want anything to do with God," she said. "They have been wounded in the name of God."

People come to Wellspring with symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. They spend two weeks there, where counselors do one-on-one meetings and group sessions. The goal is to let former cult members tell their stories and teach them how to think critically again. - Source: Counselor helps cult survivors, Greeley Tribune (Colorado), July 6, 2003

Most senior staffers, including [Wellspring Founder Directory Paul] Martin, say they are themselves former members of cults. The staff is made up of Christians, but staffers say they respect clients' religious views and don't push Christianity on unwilling clients. They point out that Wellspring is an accredited health-care facility, no one comes there against his will and clients are always free to leave. - Source: Cult Exit, The Dayton Daily News, May 7, 2000

Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center is one of the counseling organizations recommended by Apologetics Index.


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Wellspring used to publish an online magazine titled, "Wellspring Journal" (and earlier, "Wellspring Messenger.") The magazine has not been published since the summer of 2000. However, archived issues can be read via the Internet Archive.
Christian Wellspring Journal

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» Profile: Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center an expanded profile published in Cults & Society, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2001. (Cults & Society was an experimental predecessor to the Cultic Studies Review, published by the International Cultic Studies Association. Currently the ICSA publishes ICSA Today).

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Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center
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