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The Way To Happiness Foundation

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The Way To Happiness Foundation

Church of Scientology front group

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Basically, a PR front of the Scientology organization. Main product: a small booklet entiled, "The Way to Happiness." It was written by Scientology-founder, L. Ron Hubbard, who broken many of his own rules.

The pocket-size booklet, entitled ""The Way to Happiness." is a compilation of widely agreed upon values that Hubbard put into writing in 1981. Its 96 pages include such admonitions as "take care of yourself," "honor and help your parents," "do not murder" and "be worthy of trust."

The booklet notes in small print that it was written by Hubbard as "an individual and is not part of any religious doctrine."

But Scientology publications have called the campaign "the largest dissemination project in Scientology history" and "the bridge between broad society and Scientology."
Source: Scientology and the Schools, Los Angeles Times, June 27, 1990

One front, the Way to Happiness Foundation, has distributed to children in thousands of the nation's public schools more than 3.5 million copies of a booklet Hubbard wrote on morality. The church calls the scheme ''the largest dissemination project in Scientology history.''

Note that this booklet, "The Way to Happiness", is distributed by an organization known for encouraging and condoning unethical behavior. See, for exemple, this information on 'dead agenting' and 'fair game,' as well as documention of Scientology's hate and harassment practices.

''We use [the 'Happiness' code] as an inspiration,'' said Ferrara. ''It is separate from the church. We employ the book because it is so universal.''
Surf's Up for Scientologists, LA Weekly, May 26, 2000

This one is just to stupid, you have to be a Scientologist to arrange such a disaster. I just got a copy of the Scientology newspaper 'Good News' by Express courier from USA, and I must say I'm stunned!!!

What caught my eye was this article where the Norwegian Minister of Defense praises the book 'The Way to Happiness'. I was really amazed, our Minister of Defense really praising Hubbard???


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Non-Christian The Way To Happiness Foundation (Official site) Caution: Scientology front group. Included here for research purposes only.'

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The Way To Happiness Foundation
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