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Are Ron Wyatt's Archeological Claims Reliable?

Are Ron Wyatt's Archeological Claims Reliable?


Amateur archeologist Ron Wyatt is known for making sensational claims regarding alleged discoveries of Biblical site and artifacts. However, professional archeologists - Christians and non-christians alike - dismiss his claims as "junk science." Wyatt, in turn, dismisses criticism of his methods and conclusions as coming from Satan:

Because Satan knows God's Truth carries it's own power, he and his evil angels use unconsecrated minds to bring attacks against the messengers of God's Truth. 'If you can't discredit the message, discredit the messenger'
Opposition Wyatt Archeological Research

Biblical Archeological Review writes:

Our office regularly receives calls and letters from people who have heard Wyatt speak or have seen his videos and want to know if they should believe his extravagant claims. We respond that we--and the academically trained archaeologists we deal with--give Wyatt little credence. If it sounds too good to be true, we say, it probably is. Wyatt is an amateur archaeologist; he makes his livelihood as an anesthetist. Wyatt calls himself a "biblical archaeologist," but he would be more at home in the 19th century, when some supposed experts expected the Bible to be a clear, uncomplicated guide to the treasures of the past. In Wyatt's case, the treasures he seeks are not gold or jewelry, but sacred objects and locales mentioned in the Bible. Like many who have no sense of serious archaeology, Wyatt believes that the fabulous and miraculous--Noah's Ark, whole cities--are out there to be found if only you read the Bible and search hard enough.

Junk science has several warning signs: It advocates a cause, pays little attention to the investigative process, ignores contrary evidence and advertises a high moral purpose.1 All these signals are present in the claims of Ron Wyatt, of the Wyatt Archaeological Museum in Cornersville, Tennessee, and in his "discovery" of the ashen remains of Sodom and Gomorrah along the Dead Sea.

In an indepth article titled, "Could This Be Noah's Ark?" Answers In Genesis Ministries takes a look at the archeological claims made by Wyatt and others.

A nurse anaesthetist from Madison, Tennessee, Ron is a self-styled 'biblical archaeologist' who claims to have found virtually every archaeological site of interest to Christians. His alleged 'finds' are nothing short of astonishing and include:
-The true site of the crucifixion -The Ark of the Covenant -The true Mount Sinai (with a plaque announcing it as such) -The site of Korah's earthquake -The true site of the Israelites' Red Sea crossing, also with a marker 'built by King Solomon' as a memorial -Chariot wheels from Pharaoh's drowned army -The actual rock Moses struck to release water -Noah's Ark (the site discussed here, for which he has been the prime promoter) -Noah's grave -Noah's house -Mrs Noah's grave (containing a fortune- her gold and jewelry) -Moses' stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments, held together with golden hinges.
There are more claims like these. Could Ron Wyatt have found and solved problems that have baffled professional archaeologists for more than a century, or is there another explanation? Ron invariably has an 'explanation' of why he can't direct others to see all this hard evidence for themselves at these sites'. His occasional seemingly convincing 'documentation' (including video-tape) repeatedly withers under independent scrutiny and/or conflicts with the on-site eyewitness testimony of several of his co-expeditionaries.
Part of the article Could this be the Ark of Noah: People Involved Answers In Genesis

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