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- Country Profile -
» CIA Factbook Map and basic facts.
» Uganda Map and basic facts; from Religion Today.
» Uganda: A Country Study From the Library of Congress. Detailed information, including a look at the country's world-, local-, and millenarian religions.

- News Database -
» Database of archived news items
(Includes items added between Oct. 25, 1999 and Jan. 31, 2002. See about this database)

- Cults and Sects -
There are hundreds of cults, sects, and alternative religious movements in Uganda. They include (quasi-) religious- and political cults, as well as guerilla movements. Among the ones recently mentioned in the news, are the following:

» Holy Spirit Movement
» Issa Masiya
» Lord's Resistance Army
» Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God
» World Message Last Warning Church