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The Modern World of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a diverse movement that knows no central authority. Practitioners do not all have the same views, beliefs and practices. But there are common themes. Craig Hawkins looks at the history, beliefs and practices of Witchcraft, and provides a critique of the witches' world view -- on biblical, metaphysical, logical, and ethical grounds.

Chapter 4: Witchcraft in Popular Entertainment: The Craft, Buffy and Beyond

The Craft revolutionized the media's approach to teenagers, reshaped the media's imagery of good and evil, and redefined the public's idea of modern Witchcraft. The movie firmly established modern Witchcraft's new image in the public mind: dangerous, but exciting -- and above all, real.

Buffy is second only to The Craft as a milestone in the ongoing spiritual devolution of American culture.

This is Chapter 4 of Witchcraft Goes Mainstream, by Brooks Alexander.

Chapter 3: Teens and the Media: Witchcraft in Popular Entertainment

Teen-oriented media is a kind of youth-culture echo-chamber -- an ideal environment for commercial manipulation. Without any standards other than profits and ratings, the media is "both responding to interest in Witchcraft and creating it, in a rapid feedback loop."

The mid-1990s explosion of Witchcraft in the media can be seen as part of that process, and as a sign of the new (teen) center of gravity in media marketing and entertainment.

This is Chapter 3 of Witchcraft Goes Mainstream, by Brooks Alexander