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Lying leaders need facilitators

Lying leaders will usually claim that any genuine activity of the Holy Spirit done through their ministry is God's personal endorsement of their character. The lying leader's effort to use God's gracious blessings as an endorsement of their character is an attempt to make the Holy Spirit a facilitator of their lies.

Effective lying leaders have a charming and forceful personality that they use to their advantage.

Lying leaders frequently cite David's decision to not touch the Lord's anointed as a model that teaches one must never question, disagree with, or disapprove of the leader's teachings or actions. They trust that their devotees will not study this passage with an open mind, for in it we find that David and his band were not in compliance with Saul. Saul, the anointed one, considered these men to be rebellious outlaws who would not submit to his discipline. David's choice to "not touch the Lord's anointed" was a decision to not kill Saul, not a decision to agree with everything Saul said or to mindlessly obey his every dictate.