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A roundup of apologetics and countercult-related news and other items of interest.

Conditional prophecies; CRI gets it wrong; Religious freedom vs. ban on cults; and Cold case detective does apologetics

In this issue: • Examining the "Word of the Lord for 2010," by the 'Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.'  • CRI gets it wrong (and continues to support a cult of Christianity.  • Cult expert Steve Hassan on the issue of human rights violations vs. religious freedom, and  • Interview with cold case detective Jim Wallace of PleaseConvince.com

Ponzi Schemes, Debating Bart Ehrman, and should a Christian speak at a Seventh-Day Adventist venue?

Dinesh D'Souza wanted to debate Bart Ehrman on his home turf, before his own students, to show them that his arguments could be met and that there is an intelligent case for the other side.

Some folks behind one of Canada's most popular Christian TV shows got caught up in a Ponzi scheme....

And Christian apologist Lee Strobel is schedule to speak at one of the most prominent Seventh-day Adventist churches in America -- which has other apologists, noting the SDA's unbiblical doctrines, puzzled.

Ai’s Apologetics Roundup

Ai's Apologetics Roundup is a compendium of blurbs and links to, for the most part, apologetics- and countercult related articles, news items and other research resources.

In this issue: JP Moreland on Apologetics; Douglas Groothuis: Does God Exist?; and Shane Rosenthal on challenges to the 21st Century Church: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, Narcissism & Gnosticism

Jackie Alnor reports on The Church in the Marketplace, and Anthea Butler addresses Prosperity, Spiritual Warfare, and the "On-Demand" God.

Also: a scary cult of Christianity known as The Family or The Fellowship, and a look at some apologetics-related books.