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Holy City – William E. Riker

Holy City was established by Father William E. Riker, known to his band as The Comforter, along with 12 members of his Brotherhood of The Perfect Christian Divine Way in 1919. Holy City was believed by its devout followers to be the future center of the world - a utopia with Riker and his wife as King and Queen.

Terry Hornbuckle Convicted

In March, 2005, Terry Hornbuckle was indicted on charges that he sexually assaulted three female church members -- ages 17, 20 and 37 at the time -- and, in two of the cases, drugged them. He's also facing a drug charge after police said they found one to four grams of methamphetamine and a glass pipe in his car during his arrest.

Terry Hornbuckle – Research Resources

When Bishop Terry Hornbuckle, pastor of the prominent Agape Christian Fellowship Church in Arlington, Texas, was recently arrested and indicted on charges of sexually assaulting three women and charged with felony possession of 1 to 4 ounces of methamphetamine, scores of faithful churchgoers were left shaking their heads and wondering how this could possibly have happened at their church, to their pastor. What, they were left to ponder, had gone wrong? And how could such an anointed and sincere preacher, who seemed to have everything, just throw it all away?