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Free eBook: The Historial Reliability of the New Testament

The authors of the New Testament claimed to be writing true accounts of the life of Jesus, and the historical reliability of their writings is important because it protects the Christian faith from modern revisionism.

But can we have confidence that the New Testament was accurately recorded and transmitted to us, and that what it contains is the product of early and eyewitness testimony?

Boundary Maintenance

Individuals and organizations that educate Christians on the dangers of aberrant or heretical doctrines and movements are sometimes said to be involved in “boundary maintenance.” To one extend or another all belief systems are involved in boundary maintenance – the process of determining the essential doctrines of a particular faith, discerning which doctrines fall outside the boundaries (of that faith’s scriptures or the interpretation thereof), and defending the faith against challenges or attacks on its central doctrines – from within and without the faith group.… Read more