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A Response to the Christian Research Journal’s Recent Defense of the “Local Church” Movement

If you are puzzled about the Christian Research Institute's defense of the Local Church movement, which theologically is a cult of Christianity, you're not alone.

CRI's whitewashing of the movement undermines and contradicts its own mission statement, and in doing so the organization has sacrificed its credibility as both a discernment- and countercult ministry.

Dr. Norman Geisler and Dr. Ron Rhodes have published a response that shows why CRI will have to use the phrase "We Were Wrong" again...

Conditional prophecies; CRI gets it wrong; Religious freedom vs. ban on cults; and Cold case detective does apologetics

In this issue: • Examining the "Word of the Lord for 2010," by the 'Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.'  • CRI gets it wrong (and continues to support a cult of Christianity.  • Cult expert Steve Hassan on the issue of human rights violations vs. religious freedom, and  • Interview with cold case detective Jim Wallace of PleaseConvince.com