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Apologetics, Truth and Humility

Humility is crucial to the Christian's apologetic task in a world steeped in relativism. Without humility, even the best arguments will ring hollow.

Philosopher and Christian apologist Douglas Groothuis gives some pointers on how Christians can be share and defend their faith.

Coming Soon: Walter Martin, The Original ‘Bible Answer Man,’ Back On The Air

On April 19, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) awarded Religious Information Network (an umbrella non-profit that includes Walter Martin Ministries), a full power FM frequency serving Newport, Minnesota, about two miles outside St. Paul, Minnesota. This non-commercial (NCE FM) radio station has the potential to reach most of the Twin Cities 2.9 million population.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is #16 in the U.S. Radio Market, and the new 88.1 WAJC-FM will bring a fresh perspective and unique voice to the community. The call letters were chosen to honor Jesus Christ, and to highlight the legacy of Walter Martin, the Original Bible Answer Man.

Ai’s Apologetics Roundup

Ai's Apologetics Roundup is a compendium of blurbs and links to, for the most part, apologetics- and countercult related articles, news items and other research resources.

In this issue: JP Moreland on Apologetics; Douglas Groothuis: Does God Exist?; and Shane Rosenthal on challenges to the 21st Century Church: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, Narcissism & Gnosticism

Jackie Alnor reports on The Church in the Marketplace, and Anthea Butler addresses Prosperity, Spiritual Warfare, and the "On-Demand" God.

Also: a scary cult of Christianity known as The Family or The Fellowship, and a look at some apologetics-related books.