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Controversial U.S. TV-preacher with a unique on-air "style" that includes cursing, smoking cigars, high-pressure fundraising tactics, etc.

During the last few years, Scott has become more and more outrageous and offensive," a CRI analysis concludes. "His language is crude, abusive and profane, clearly violating God's standards for Christians.
From The Shock Jock Of Televangelism Los Angeles Times, July 10, 1994

Among other things, Scott has taught a form of British Israelism (though without the racism usually associated with that doctrine) and pyramidiology

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Secular The Shock Jock Of Televangelism 1994 Los Angeles Times article on Scott.

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...this most unique congregation and most unique church and most unique ministry in the 2000 years of the church, because it's the only one that God chose to be His voice worldwide. Do you understand that? Only one He chose!

This one is the single bulwark against Satan's forces and Satan's conniving ways, and the single proclamation point of the truth of God's grace and salvation by faith. The single point that's going worldwide is right here! Nowhere else! And we have been called to God in Christ's battle. We're His army.
Tape: VF-1025. Spiritual Warfare: God's Called Us To Be A Willing Army In The Lord's Battle; Eph. 4,6, Ps 110 - October 13, 1996. See transcript

Note: We're told by a follower of Dr. Scott that the above quote - seen in context - talks about Scott's worldwide media ministry, and indicates that his ministry is (allegedly) the only one broadcasting 24/7 to the entire world. Even if that were so, the problems with the above statement are still easy to spot.

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