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Christian Darwin's Leap of Faith: Exposing the False Religion of Evolution by John Ankerberg and John Weldon
Christian The Darwin Legend by James Moore. This book exposes the hoax that claims Darwin repented and became a Christian on his death bed.
Christian Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds by Phillip Johnson
Christian A New Look At An Old Earth by Don Stoner. "Resolving the Conflict Between the Bible & Science"

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Christian A New Look At An Old Earth by Don Stoner. Subtitled, "What The Creation Institutes Are Not Telling You About Genesis." This is an old, online edition. An updated and expanded version can be was published by Harvest House Publishers

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Christian Access research Network Provides accessible information on science, technology and society.
Christian Creationism & The Early Church A site dedicated to furthering the study of the Early Church's understanding of Genesis 1-11, especially as it relates to contemporary debate regarding origins
Christian Lord, I Believe The site of Robert Adair, particle physicist
Christian GodAndScience.org "Rational reasons for belief in the Creator of the universe" 900+ page of articles on science, theology, cults, etcetera. Includes an active discussion forum.
ChristianAcademic The Newton Institute for Science "Few areas need more attention than science. Isaac Newton (1642-1717) applied scripture to science; this center encourages the same by its thoughtful studies on the interface of science and Christianity." This is one of the Think-Thanks associated with CAPO
Christian Science and Christianity Steven H. Schimmrich's collection of hypertext links to assorted science and Christianity resources. Also the homepage for the Science & Christianity mailing list (SCICHR)
Christian Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and God By Dr. Fritz Schaefer III Professor of Quantum Chemistry, University of Georgia. On the LeadershipU site
Christian Tuning Up Your Baloney Detector by Phillip Johnson, author of "Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds." An article in Cornerstone Magazine

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