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Note: News items, if and when available, can include PR material released by the Scientology organization and/or its front-groups. For the real story, it is best to check commentaries available in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup
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Secular A.R.S. Week In Review "summarizes the most significant postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as they'd like." Highly recommended!
Secular C.I.S.A.R Excellent resource of up-to-date, unofficial translations of news items and special (government) reports from German-speaking countries. Includes a huge, indexed archive. Many of these items are seldom seen in the US or international press. Highly recommended!
Secular This Day In Scientology History A summary of some of the significant events in the history of Scientology, the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup, and the individuals involved in exposing Scientology's abuses.

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Non-ChristianHategroup Scientology Press Office - News (Pro) The news according to Scientology.

Note: Scientology's version of the news can usually not be trusted. A prime example of the cult's manipulative tactics can be found here:
Secular Scientology Cult Forges Photographs See how the Church of Scientology forged fotos in a press release.

Keep in mind that news and PR is the responsibility of the Office of Special Affairs, also known for its hate and harassment campaigns, as well as its attempts to stiffle free speech:

Bezazian headed something called the Scientology Parishioners League, a new organization that Office of Special Affairs vice president Janet Weiland had asked volunteers like Bezazian to form for just such emergencies. In the few months the parishioners' league had been operating, Bezazian and her cohorts had followed up on OSA tips by pressuring television networks, radio stations and newspapers to drop negative content about the church.

Bezazian never knew how OSA agents got their information. She only knew that once she was given a tip, the church relied on her to harangue editors and TV producers until the offending material was removed. During Bezazian's short association with the parishioners' league, the organization managed to convince a few editors to pull material. But in general, the group had little effect. Scientology had suffered so much negative press for so many years that Bezazian and her small cadre could do little to stem the tide.
Sympathy For The Devil, New Times Los Angeles, Sep. 27, 2001

- News - Background to current Scientology issues -
Interference with Mental Health professionals
» Scientology Interferes with Mental Health professionals in World Trade Center disaster

Reed Slatkin
» Reed Slatkin Financial Fraud: Media Resource
» Archived news items about Reed Slatkin
» Religion News Blog

Keith Henson:
» Who is Keith Henson? And why is Scientology after him?
» News items about Keith Henson

Literacy Scam:
» City of Boston gives grant to Scientology front

Time Magazine vs. Scientology:
» Time wins approval of libel suit dismissal

Battlefield Earth:
» Archive news items about Battlefield Earth

Lisa McPherson:
Examining The Church of Scientology
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