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Scientology Unmasked

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Scientology Unmasked

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Boston Herald Special Report: Scientology Unmasked


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Internet sites for Scientology and its on-line opponents: To read about, or join the discussion on Scientology, use DejaNews or another Usenet search engine, and type: alt.religion.scientology

For the Church of Scientology's Web site, with a reported 30,000 pages - including 3-D tours of some church buildings - go to:


For critics' Web sites, go to these pages: http://www.xenu.net, http://www.entheta.net/ or http://www.scientology-kills.net/ [No longer online]

For anti-cult expert Steve Hassan's home page, go to: http://www.shassan.com/ [Now: http://www.freedomofmind.com/]

For information on the controversy at Boston University over Earle C. Cooley, a top Scientology lawyer and BU's trustee chairman, go to BU graduate student Ramon Kolb's site at: http://eng.bu.edu/~ramonk/pers/scientology/bu/ [No longer online]

For information about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's alleged support of apartheid, go to Chris Owen's site: http://snafu.de/~tilman/index.html

For an affidavit filed by Boston lawyer Michael Flynn about alleged espionage and other illegal acts by the Boston Church of Scientology, go to: http://www.sky.net/~sloth/sci/flynn.cmplnt [No longer online]

Note: See these additional resources on Scientology.

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