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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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So much of this movement is based upon falsehoods. There is an attitude of expedience, ''the ends justify the means,'' that removes inhibitions about making exaggerations and even outright lying. Wild claims are being made and rumors are repeated over & over, without being checked for accuracy. We Christians are a trusting, and somewhat gullible, bunch. We also sometimes want so much for something to be true that we can stubbornly refuse to consider the possibility that it may not be. We need to check this mindset. Jesus is Truth. Everything He is about is truth. If we find ourselves hiding from truth, it is not because of Him.

One 'church growth' author has given detailed information as to how many people are being saved daily in a number of countries, including China. The numbers are staggering! Where is he getting them? How can anyone know how many are becoming Christians in any country, much less one under an information lid like China? I found that some are receiving facts like these ''prophetically.'' In other words, these are nothing more than numbers that pop into their minds. If one adds up this author's numbers, the entire population of the world should be saved within a relatively short time. It would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Except that it is not what Christ said would happen. It is a false hope, used to manipulate. (Does your church want to be a part of this wonderful Revival? Just start following these teachings and practices...)

Claims have been made that politicians and other officials have come to Christ which are fictitious. For instance, Pastor John Kilpatrick claimed that Alabama Governor Fob James was saved at Brownsville and is a regular visitor there, and that U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough, R-Pensacola, was saved at the revival. Both of these men have denied these allegations.  (37)  Yet, the stories continue to be passed on and requoted by one pastor after another as they hype their congregations on the ''wonderful thing that God is doing.'' Of course, there are, and always have been, some people of position who become Christians, but the idea being promoted is that Christianity is ''sweeping the nations'' - everyone, small and great, is becoming Christian.

Revival leaders continue to proclaim ''we are seeing people healed of cancer and aids'' when they are unable to give even one name of a person healed of any major disease to an independent researcher.

Does Jesus need to be lied for? Is He afraid to be examined? Is raising false hope His way of drawing people to Himself? Does He accept dishonest behaviors as service?

It is very troubling to watch Toronto services (they are now on satellite) and see how lightly they take accuracy! Anything appears to be ok as long as you ''mean well.'' Steve Hill of Pensacola admits that much of his autobiography ''Stone Cold Heart'' was falsified to have ''more of an impact.'' Remember the old saying, ''The road to Hell is paved with good intentions''? It is not our intentions that amount to anything, it is God's truth. The Bible says, ''no lie is of the truth,'' 1Jn 2:21. No lie; none.

The Bible teaches that there are unacceptable ways to worship God. Cain's sacrifice was rejected (Gen 4, Heb 11:4). Nadab and Abihu were consumed (Lev 10:1). Jesus told us that ''God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth,'' Jn 4:23. In its zeal for 'spirit' this movement has forgotten about ''truth.''

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