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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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A New Wine for New Wineskins

The movement claims God is sending ''New Wine'' to replace the old, and ''new wineskins'' are mandatory. The ''new wineskins'' are those who accept their new revelations; those who maintain their trust in scripture alone are the ''old wineskins,'' ''hard, inflexible, dry, and cracked.'' (Marc Dupont).

You must receive and drink deeply of My New Wine! Know, there is a heavenly grape - a spiritual vintage! It will bring release and laughter and joy. And know that this New Wine will be inconvenient - as it WILL NOT be placed in your old vessels. (Richard Oliver)

The ''old wineskins'' are also labeled Pharisees or ''God mockers,'' accused of ''having a religious spirit,'' of ''worshipping the book'' instead of God, of ''trusting in a man-made system'' ( ! ), and of being ''legalists,'' even if their doctrine is absolute grace- it is the insistence that the written Word of God is our authority they call ''legalism.''

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