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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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Blaspheming the Holy Spirit?

The movement's leaders claim those who reject their theology are ''rejecting God Himself'' and ''committing the unpardonable sin'' of ''blaspheming the Holy Spirit.''

''If you have attacked me, your children will pay for it.''
(Benny Hinn, ''Heresy Hunters,'' TBN, 10/23/92)

''I'm telling you right now, you'll drop dead if you prohibit what God is doing!''
(Rodney Howard-Browne)

''Blasphemy of the Spirit. It is a terrifying sin, a horrible sin, a sin of disastrous consequences. It is the only sin specifically described in the Bible as unforgivable.''
(Michael Brown, to all who question the 'revival')

If you have been fearful of committing this sin, please be comforted and set at ease. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit was the specific sin of those particular members of the Jewish nation who bore the responsibility of rejecting Christ as the Messiah after personally seeing His works. It cannot be committed today. But, one wonders, if these manifestations are not of the Holy Spirit, wouldn't it be just as seriously wrong to attribute them to Him as the other way around?

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