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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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Evangelizing the World

The word 'gospel' itself has been redefined- it no longer necessarily means the message 1Corinthians 15, but rather includes anything -anything- which incorporates the name 'Jesus' somewhere. Because of this, the movement sees no problem in uniting with religious systems that offer false means' of salvation -through works, through a church organization instead of Christ, the mediation of a person like Joseph Smith or Mary, looking for truth in the ''light within you,'' etc. As long as Jesus' name is used, it is all considered valid and co-equal and is called ''evangelization.'' Therefore, they are actively working with these other groups to achieve the ''evangelization of the world.''

Regardless of how well-meaning they may be, this is a mistake in doctrine that has eternal consequences. We owe it to people to take the importance of accuracy and truth seriously.

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