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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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James Ryle's Excellent Adventure?

The movement places a huge emphasis on music and musicians. Musicians are looked upon as the messiahs of the new order. We live in times when those with musical talent who devote themselves to God's work face the possibility of ending up on a worse ego trip than if they'd gone the world's way! The prophets claim that God is going to use the music of Christian musicians in a special, supernatural way to save the world and bring about the Kingdom of God on earth, regardless of the actual content of the music; sort of a Christian version of the world being saved by rock music as happened in the juvenile comedy ''Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.'' Maybe they've watched that movie once too often?

Pastor James Ryle (pastor of Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers founder, and member of the Promise Keepers Board of Directors) says God told him He had ''anointed'' the Beatles for that purpose of saving the world but, unfortunately, they used ''the anointing'' for their own ends, so He took it away in 1970. He says God told him, though, that He is again preparing to send music that saves...

''And when those whom the Lord has anointed step forth, their faces will be radiant with His glory, their voices will resonate with His love. And their songs will deposit the redeeming power of the Lord Jesus Christ into the lives of those who hear the new sound of music!''
(James Ryle, ''The New Sound Of Music'')

The idea in Ryle's prophecy is not that people hear the gospel message in the music's lyrics and believe- it is that a mystical, supernatural power is absorbed directly from the music. It is just another example of the movement's idea that people can be saved without actually hearing or accepting the gospel message.

I wonder if this has influenced some Christian musicians to drop their Christian content and be heard on secular radio?

Strangely, the New Age Movement has a unique music all its own which it sees with a very similar role- as a mood alterer and a powerful influence to help bring in the New Age New World Order.

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