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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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When a church decides to get involved and tap into the movement's teachings, the congregation is introduced to the idea of Toronto Blessing style manifestations. They are told these things- falling, shaking, jerking, jumping, screaming, dancing, etc., etc.- are the sign that ''the Holy Spirit is present in power'' and, as Dick Reuben of Pensacola says, are what happens ''when God comes to church'' (as if sometimes He doesn't bother).

When, after weeks of manipulative pressure, the ''Toronto Blessing'' manifestations start happening in the congregation, this is what is called ''revival.'' It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with people being saved or becoming more obedient to Christ.

Sadly, it means that many faithful members have lost their church home because they would not go along with the unbiblical teachings and underhanded methods involved- the movement splits almost every church it comes into, ruthlessly dividing God's people. It is estimated that 800 people -most of the original congregation- left the Brownsville Assembly of God in connection with the so-called ''revival,''  (26)  being quickly abandoned by their church leadership and replaced with a transient ''congregation'' of visitors from out of town looking for a thrilling time.

''Revival'' as used in this movement is only about a church tapping into the movement, and accepting and practicing its Toronto Blessing. When you hear the word 'revival', you can't assume you know what is meant, anymore. The so-called great ''revivals'' we are hearing about often have nothing to do with anything but the Toronto Blessing.

''let the river flow, the wind blow, and the fire fall''
-the movement's symbolism for the Spirit bringing ''revival'' - the ''Toronto Blessing'' manifestations.

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