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New teachings in the Christian Church- Where are They Leading Us?


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Effects of the Impartation

Many of us have seen marked changes in the personalities of friends who have received the Anointing.

A lot of people say they ''feel more in love with Jesus'' since receiving the impartation, and this proves to them it is of God. 'Would Satan want me to love Jesus more?' they reason. Well, certainly he would if it would ultimately further his own goal of building his counterfeit church and being worshipped as god of this world! This is his agenda and he is the most intelligent and skilled strategist in creation.

Participants in the pagan practices mentioned, like Kundalini Yoga, also report experiencing feelings of 'love' as a part of these manifestations, it is not unique to Christians. The Christian ties his feelings of love to Jesus, the pagan ties them to his guru or object of worship.

Jesus said, (Jn 14:23) ''If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word.'' He said, ''He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me,'' (Jn 14:21). One of His commands is not to add to His word, another is to abide [stay, dwell, remain, continue, endure] in it (Jn 8:31).

Those who have received the Anointing may more love for Jesus, but they tend to disregard His word and to replace spreading the gospel with spreading the Anointing.

Along with those feelings of 'love' or without them, many people have experienced such an awakening of the desires of the flesh after impartation, that they have been led into grievous sin. And there are many who testify of experiencing severe emotional turmoil, suicidal urges, or demonic affliction after receiving impartation. Gayle Rogers first began hearing what she thought was the voice of Jesus revealing prophecies to her, but that soon changed:

''I started to hear voices, thoughts in my mind, other than my ''Jesus''. There was a mocking voice, a sexually perverted voice. Another one threatened me and imitated voices of people I knew. I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was being attacked by Satan and his army because the ''Lord'' had so gifted me for a special mission. I couldn't control their thoughts going through my mind and they were beginning to take over. I was so frightened. Week after week the battle for my mind continued. I struggled to find the voice of my ''Lord'' to follow once again, but there were too many voices in my head.

In desperation I drove out to a deserted area on the edge of a canyon... I cried out, ''Jesus, help me! Help me! Help me! What is going on? I need help, Jesus!'' And for the very first time, the real Lord, the real Jesus spoke to me and said, ''I only offer you truth.'' Not comprehending His meaning I repeated the words. ''You only offer me truth? Truth? What is the truth, Jesus?'' Then the answer came. A wordless understanding gripped my inner being and I finally knew what the truth was. The spirit I had been listening to for the past nine months was not Jesus, was not my Lord at all, but in fact, a demon.

...I testify from personal experience that demons can enter a Christian's thoughts with loving Christian words and offer spiritual-sounding exhortations. Demons know Scripture and how to use it for their purposes. Many unguarded believers are manipulated and demonized this way. They are gently guided to lead others astray with awesome spiritual feelings and manifestations, believing that Scripture is being fulfilled before their eyes. My heart cries to the Shepherds that you might earnestly protect your flocks from these dangers...''
(Gayle Rogers, 1997)

Others tell of the nightmare the Toronto Blessing brought upon them:

''I was never advised to 'test the spirits' according to scripture. Lets be honest here- when someone is frozen to the ground- the only breath coming is between loud cries - roars- what ever- that seems like it would be a good time to challenge the spirit of this... I never saw it done- or even heard of it done even as I began to minister to others as part of the team... When I was myself roaring- laughing- shaking or crying- no one ever challenged any of it. I was not in any kind of torment while experiencing these manifestations- it was great- I never saw anyone else appear to experience torment while experiencing these things. So I blundered on ignoring scripture. Then I attended a prophetic conference at Mott Auditorium, the Vineyard of Pasadena- I did notice that things were 'cranked up' a bit more than usual but you have to remember I was used to all this and it was normal to me. During the ministry time one of the speakers (from Kansas City) began to 'shoot arrows in the spirit' at us. He made the sound of an arrow shooting- whoosh- as he told us to receive what God's angels had for us- he said 'it's ok to paint a target for where you want the arrow to hit you.' Myself having suffered from serious childhood hurts - began to place my hand on my heart and cry out to God. Suddenly I could hardly stand- but this was not the drunk kind of swoon I had experienced before- this was painful- I ached all over as if I was coming apart inside- I wanted to sit down and catch my breath but at that very moment the speaker called out 'Take it' so I forced myself to stand upright. A feeling of anguish came over me that was awful and indescribable... I went in between the chairs and layed down face down on the cold floor there. Soon- I was frozen to the floor-I could not have gotten up if I had wanted to- I could not speak... as people are accustomed to this -as I also had been accustomed to this- outwardly it seemed like just another person 'slain in the spirit' but inwardly I felt different- there was a great element of fear involved this time- I began to really want to get up but could not...

The next 10 days were so incredibly bizzare I have difficulty describing what happened. I will say that there were some very bizzare 'impulses' being hurled at my spirit, as to the like I had never experienced. I began to wonder if someone had put speed into my drinking water... it was fearful and oppressive. ...my [prophetic] gifting seemed to turn on me as I experienced terrifying feelings and apparitions... What frightens me about the Toronto movement is that these people, as I was, are sincerely deceived... how can we ignore what He has told us in scripture and glorify experience or ANYTHING above His name and what He has given us in Him? Now folks be honest- continually bringing people on stage or onto the alter - wildly manifesting- does distract from thinking about the Lord Jesus- it's wow look at that- and wow feel this....feel, feel, feel.''
(L. Thomson, ''A Toronto Blessing Testimony'')

''I experienced all the manifestations, from falling, to swimming, to growling, laughing, crying, convulsing, shaking - the works. I really thought I was going through life-changing spiritual experiences. But the fruits were superficial. I had a ''love'' for Jesus, I sang of His kisses, of seeing Him run over mountains and peer through doors. Yet I always seemed to wonder where my ''lover'' was. I experienced times of absolute depression and anxiety... It was unbearable... I remember the final turning point really came when I asked God to protect me. I don't know why I did it, I just did. The meeting ended up in the usual TB standard... People were falling, convulsing and groaning. There I was... standing. I was convinced!''
(Matt D., ''One Fish That Jumped Out of the River'')

Consider this official statement from one involved church's Position Paper on the Holy Spirit, which followed a long list of possible ''manifestations'':

''...our desire is to give God free reign to do whatever His will is in our Church family regardless of how uncomfortable it is or if we are offended by it.''  (21) 

We should think hard about this statement and the understanding of God that it represents. Christians have come to the place where they imagine they have the power to limit God- and, most surprisingly, by using His own guidelines from His own word!

But, even more confounding, what has happened to Christians that their concept of God's Holy Spirit has become so bizarre?

To the believer, the Bible explains the Holy Spirit as the 'Paraclete': the One ''who comes alongside us to help.'' The picture is of a kind friend who stands beside us with his arm around us, upholding, strengthening, and guiding us onward. He is our helper, consoler, intercessor, advocate, comforter, the very Spirit of our beloved Lord and Savior, the One whose fruits are good, kind, gentle, pure, and loving.

Yet many are accepting it as a normal idea that He should be offensive and uncomfortable or even cruel to us, and do bizarre and scary things to us.

In refusing to hold to any concept of what should reasonably be expected from God, they in reality open themselves to any spirit, and then grant him ''free reign to do whatever his will is''!

Friends! What better attitude could a demonic spirit ask for ? ?

Have we, the church, known Him so long and yet accept with no question these bizarre new assertions of what He is like and how He should be expected to treat us?

Nick Needham examines this position further, regarding

''...Glenda Waddell, a member of staff at Holy Trinity Brompton, the Anglican church in London which acts as the headquarters of the TB.* Here is Ms Waddell's testimony of how she first received the TB:

[T]o my absolute horror I just knew beyond any shadow of a doubt my hands were doing strange things and I was going to roar. I said, ''Oh Lord, Ill do anything but please, please, don't make me roar. Only the men roar and women don't roar.'' But it came and I did roar quite loudly and I made a lot of awful noise and I was crawling around the floor doing terrible things and half of me was thinking, ''This cannot be me.'' But another part of me knew that it was.

''...By her own account, Ms Waddell was invaded and possessed by a power which reduced her to bestial behaviour, crawling about and roaring. Half of her did not even recognise herself in what was happening. There was no use of the mind involved in Ms Waddell's experience whatsoever. She was simply taken over, physically and spiritually, by a controlling force. That is not how the Holy Spirit works in a believer's life. He does not sanctify us by possessing us like a demon and forcing us to do weird, sub-human things. He works through the Word of God, bringing truth to bear on our minds, enlightening our understanding and persuading us to obey. But in Ms Waddell's case, the thing she calls the Holy Spirit came at her like a predatory beast, seized her, possessed her, and forced her to roar and crawl about like a lion. Surely anyone with any spiritual discernment must see that this dark force was not the Holy Spirit. So what was it? Hypnotic influence? Possibly; but to me it sounds more like some real objective spiritual power that temporarily took over this unfortunate lady... 1 do not believe that true Christians can be permanently possessed by demons; but if demons can deceive us into thinking that they are the Holy Spirit, and on that basis can get us to open up to their influence, we can be seized upon and influenced by demonic power, at least temporarily. It is quite possible that this is going on alongside the hypnotic forces that are at work in the TB.''
(Nick Needham, The Toronto Blessing)       * [Toronto Blessing]

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