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Apologetics Index : Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Apologetics Index : Privacy Statement

Apologetics Index : Privacy Statement


Does Apologetics Index use cookies?

No. Apologetics Index itself does not use cookies.

Note: The ''Find It'' search function (see link in the menu on the left) is operated by a third party. We have no control over the banner ads that appear on the search results pages, or over the possible use of cookies by either the search engine provider or its advertisers. If you're concerned about cookies, we recommend you install Cookie Pal We also highly recommend ZoneAlarm, a free firewall.

Does Apologetics Index collect and/or use email addresses?

No. Apologetics Index does not collect email addresses. People who contact us through the online form, or email us at any email address listed on the Apologetics Index site can be assured that we do not collect, share or sell email addresses. You may receive a direct response from Apologetics Index, but your email address will not be added to any list.

What about those hit counters?

Apologetics Index has discontinued using NedStat and Sitemeter.

Can I surf Apologetics Index in complete privacy?

Sure. You can use any anonymizer you wish. For example: Anonymizer. For more information, click here.

Somehow, Amazon.com knows me. Did you tell them who I am?

No. We don't know who you are. However, whether you visit Amazon.com directly, or arrive there via a link in Apologetics Index, Amazon.com assigns each visitor a unique ''shopping basket'' ID number, and also uses cookies. Amazon.com does know that you arrived via a link at the Apologetics Index site. That is good, because when you buy Amazon.com items through a link in Apologetics Index, you help Apologetics Index. However, Apologetics Index does not know who you are, and whether (or what) you buy. Amazon.com has its own privacy policy.

So I can do whatever I want?

If you use Apologetics Index the way it is intended to be used, without violating the rules and regulations of your ISP or our host, you're fine. Also keep our own disclaimer in mind. If you commit illegal or disturbing acts, including harassment, our host has the right to take any action necessary to identify you.

How about a lighter note?

No problem. Visit the Church of the Covered Dish, or check our collection of offbeat news items.

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Apologetics Index : Privacy Statement
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