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Couple Vow To Clone Dead Son

Sky News, Sep. 9, 2001
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An American couple who want to produce a clone of their dead baby son have vowed to push ahead with the controversial project despite severing relations with the scientist pioneering the technology to make it possible.

Mark and Tracy Hunt spent up to US$350,000 attempting to clone their 10-month-old son, Andrew, who died after a botched heart operation two years ago.

Amid worldwide debate, they used damages from the hospital involved to fund research by American scientist Brigitte Boisselier - a member of the Raelians sect which claims humans were cloned by aliens - to make them the parents of the world's first-ever cloned human.

But now the Hunts have revealed they have cut funding to Boisselier because of fears she was using the publicity it generated to raise awareness of the sect rather than scientific advances in cloning.

Despite the setback, the couple - who have since had another child - said they would still work to secure their dream of a clone of baby Andrew.

"We're hoping that some day down the road, with the tissue that we have, that we can bring Andrew home," Mr Hunt, 41, a lawyer from East Virginia, told American ABC's Downtown programme.

The couple denied they were attempting to bring baby Andrew back from the dead and insisted they would treat the cloned child as his twin.

"We do believe in God, we're religious people. However, we also believe that God is a part of science and this is science," Mrs Hunt said.
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