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Dr. Walter Martin

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Founder, Christian Research Institute

The late Dr. Walter Martin is a favorite target for ad hominem attacks by members of various cults who'd rather attack the person than address his research.

Since Martin's death, the Christian Research Institute has been mired in controversies related to its current president, Hank Hanegraaff.

Meanwhile, Walter Martin's oldest daughter, Jill, and her husband, Kevin, are carrying out their father's vision through their ministry, Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet.


Christian Does Dr. Walter Martin Have A Genuine Earned Doctor's Degree? by Rich Poll, former research resources manager at the Christian Research Institute.
Christian In Memory of Walter Martin (1928-1989) 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of Martinís death, prompting former colleague Kenneth Samples to share what he learned from his former boss and apologetics mentor.
Christian What is the Religious Infonet's Connection to CRI?


Christian The Kingdom of the Cults Walter Ralston Martin's tome. Current edition edited by Ravi Zacharias
Christian Through the Windows of Heaven " 100 Powerful Stories and Teachings from Walter Martin, the Original Bible Answer Man" Those who knew Walter Martin recognize his voice in this book, which was edited by his oldest daugher. Those who did not know him will meet Martin in his writings.




Christian Listening Library / Radio Shows Walter Martin's teaching, available online

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