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About This Entry

This entry provides a brief look at the Mormon Church. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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The Jesus of the Mormon Church

Since the teachings and practices of the Mormon Church contradict those of historic, Biblical Christianity, Mormons can not be considered to be Christians, nor can the Mormon Church be described as a Christian denomination.

A Christian is a disciple, a follower, of Jesus Christ as presented in the Bible - not the 'Jesus' created by Mormonism.

Naturally, the current president of the Mormon Church disagrees:

When asked about groups that say Mormons are not Christians, [LDS Church] President Hinckley said, "I can never understand it. The very name of the Savior is in the name of the church. . . . The New Testament is a fundamental scripture for us. We have in addition to that the Book of Mormon, which becomes another witness for Jesus Christ."
Source: President Hinckley fields common queries, Deseret News, Mar. 9, 2000

It is impossible to know whether Mr. Hinckley's puzzlement was real of faked, but his statement is disingenuous at best.

Just like attaching a Roll Royce logo to a Volkswagen does not make the latter a Rolls Royce, using the name of Jesus Christ does not make Mormonism "Christian." Suggesting the Mormon Jesus is "Christian" is, in fact, as dishonest as selling a counterfeit watch as a "Rolex." After all, the "Jesus" created by the Mormon Church is far different from - and incompatible with - the biblical Jesus Christ:

The Mormon Jesus Christ The Biblical Jesus Christ
A created being: the elder brother of Lucifer Uncreated God
Common (one of many gods) and, in some ways, of minor important in the largerMormon cosmology Unique (the Second Person of the one and only Godhead) and of supreme importance through time, eternity and all creation
Conceived by a physical sex act between God the Father (Adam or Elohim) and Mary, thus not through a true virgin birth Conceived by the Holy Spirit, who supermaturally "overshadowed" Mary, thus a true virgin birth
Once sinful and imperfect Eternally sinless and perfect
Earned his own salvation (exaltation, godhood) As God, never required salvation
A married polygamist? An unmarried monogamist

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• Subject: Mormon Church
• First posted: Nov. 19, 1996
• Last Updated: Aug. 9, 2004
• Editor: Anton Hein
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