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Lord of All : Luke Lee


Lord of All

Pastor: Luke Lee


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Dressed in white with a silver whistle draped around his neck, Luke Lee purses his lips, excuses himself and blows abruptly into his whistle.

Demons are in the air, he announces. He flashes a quick grin before answering questions.

From inside his modest Mt Roskill home, dull chanting rings out from members of his Lord Of All religious group. Lee stands outside and explains to the Star-Times - often through an interpreter - why the death of a woman after an exorcism in the house was a ''miracle''.

Lee said God told him after she died that dying was the woman's plan and she would come back to life. God was going to show her ''all about heaven'' and bring her back to life to prove it existed.

Lee said many people in New Zealand did not believe in Jesus Christ. The woman's death - and eventual re-birth - would prove to them God was alive. He said it was a sign, a ''miracle''.

Lord Of All had about 20 members, said Lee. Most were Korean, but there were also Maori and Burmese members. Lee said the group preached in areas around Auckland, usually Queen St, where it met new friends. Sometimes the group might bring home a homeless person.

Lord Of All was a Christian group with no affiliation to any church, he said. It believed Jesus Christ would return to earth.

Exactly how the woman died is being investigated by police but Lee shed some light on how members performed the exorcism. He said all members had undergone ''deliverance'' and it was used to cast out demons and heal the sick.

The interpreter said deliverance had been performed in Korea for many years.
Religious group awaits resurrection, Sunday Star-Times (New Zealand), Jan. 7, 2001

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Lord of All : Luke Lee
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