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Site operated by Robert Adair, particle physicist. Offers workshops, and a selection of online Powerpoint presentations

''Lord, I Believe'' is a lively workshop for adults and young people exploring perennial areas of friction between science and faith. Led by physicist Hill Roberts, ''Lord, I Believe'' challenges both philosophies of naturalism and religious faith to explore what rational basis exists for those systems of belief. Roberts contends that on balance there is far more basis for agreement than the typical frictions between science and faith. This type of study is part of a field of study called Christian Evidences or Christian Apologetics.

Workshop leader Hill Roberts is both a physicist and a conservative Christian, a combination considered an oxymoron by many today. During the intensely graphic seminar he deals in common language with a broad range of science/faith issues spanning topics such as natural design, natural selection and genetics, cosmology, biochemistry and the origin of life, geology and paleontology. He carefully shows how in each area there is a body of facts beyond dispute. However, Roberts argues that those same facts form a solid basis for interpretations consistent with the basic Biblical principles fundamental to Christian faith, such as creation by a transcendent Being.

He draws his science illustrations from the work of well-known scientists such as Darwin, Hubble, Hoyle, Dobzansky, Shapiro, Behe, Denton, Lewontin, Haldane, Crick, Gould, Ross, and dozens more. He shares how modern research everyday provides more and more natural evidence that builds his spiritual faith. However, he is quick to point out that some preconceived religious traditions may need to be reexamined in light of the Creator's work faithfully recorded in nature. He shows why he has confidence in the truthfulness of the Bible, and why he believes in the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, in particular.

Roberts has conducted over seventy five ''Lord, I Believe'' seminars since 1987, including lectures at Centenary and Cornell Universities, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Southern Christian University, Florida College, in numerous US churches and before scientific audiences in Russia.

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