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Jesus Christ


To Christians, Jesus - the second person of the Trinity - is the Son of God.


Christian Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Dr. William Lane Craig
Christian Did Jesus Claim To Be God? "The Divine Claims of Jesus ", by J.P. Holding
Christian Diety of the Son by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith. Part of his series of articles on the Trinity.
Christian False Theories Against The Resurrection Of Christ by J. Hampton Keathley III, Th.M.
Christian The Historicity of Jesus Christ by Wayne Jackson, in Reason & Revelation.
Christian How Can You Say Jesus Is The Only Way To God? article on the Answers in Action site
Secular Jesus (Jesus Christ) The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
Christian Jesus Christ as God and the Trinity Was Not Invented Until the Fourth Century? An article at GodAndScience.org answers claims made in The Da Vinci Code
Christian Jesus Didn't Really Die on the Cross? by Rich Deem
Christian Jesus is the Messiah by Dr. Ron Rhodes of Reasoning From The Scriptures
Christian Jesus of the Bible Article from Watchman Fellowship
Christian Jesus - Plain and Simple Who do you believe about Jesus--those who were closest to Him, or those who are two thousand years removed from the events? By Greg Koukl
Christian Sharp's Rule and Antitrinitarian Theologies A Bicentennial Defense of Granville Sharp's Argument for the Deity of Christ. By Robert M. Bowman, Jr. Includes a complete critique of Greg Stafford's treatment of Sharp's rule in his book "Jehovah's Witnesses Defended".
Christian Jesus' Two Natures Article on the CARM site
Christian Why Was Jesus Baptized? Article on the CARM


Christian The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
The Case for Christ records Lee Strobel's attempt to "determine if there's credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God." The book consists primarily of interviews between Strobel (a former legal editor at the Chicago Tribune) and biblical scholars such as Bruce Metzger. Each interview is based on a simple question, concerning historical evidence (for example, "Can the Biographies of Jesus Be Trusted?"), scientific evidence, ("Does Archaeology Confirm or Contradict Jesus' Biographies?"), and "psychiatric evidence" ("Was Jesus Crazy When He Claimed to Be the Son of God?"). Together, these interviews compose a case brief defending Jesus' divinity, and urging readers to reach a verdict of their own
Source: Amazon.com
In his most important work to date, apologetics scholar and popular speaker Ravi Zacharias shows how the blueprint for life and death itself is found in a true understanding of Jesus. With a simple yet penetrating style, Zacharias uses rich illustrations to celebrate the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.Jesus Among Other Godscontrasts the truth of Jesus with founders of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, strengthening believers and compelling them to share their faith with our post-modern world.
Source: Amazon.com
Christian The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey
In The Jesus I Never Knew, Yancey explores the life of Jesus, as he explains, "'from below,' to grasp as best I can what it must have been like to observe in person the extraordinary events unfolding in Galilee and Judea" as Jesus traveled and taught. Yancey examines three fundamental questions: who Jesus was, why he came, and what he left behind. Step by step, scene by scene, Yancey probes the culture into which Jesus was born and grew to adulthood; his character and mission; his teachings and miracles; his legacy--not just as history has told it, but as he himself intended it to be.

Yancey is not alone in his examination of the "real" Jesus. Publishing today is replete with writers committed to setting the story "straight,quot; joining countless others who, over the past 2,000 years, have determined to discover the truth about Jesus. But where others would deconstruct and discount, Yancey disarms and discloses. We become colleagues with him as he examines the accounts of the life of Jesus. And among the things that we discover is that Jesus himself leaves us few options: either he was who he said he was or he was nuts.
Source: Amazon.com
A manual of theology for thought, discussion, and twenty-first century reformation. Author W.A. Pratney is an internationally known speaker, teacher and writer whose seminars, conferences, campus lectures and books have challenged thousands of young people with the truths of Scripture and the claims of Christ. Out of that ministry was born his desire for a practical, defensible, life-changing study of the greatness and glory of God to help readers think through and apply to their own lives what they understand and believe concerning the person of God. This book, the culmination of eighteen years of personal study and research, is the result. The Nature and Character of God is a unique volume that gathers together a whole array of thought-provoking and heart-stirring material. It is a topical, lexical, theological, historical and devotional compilation of easy-to-use scripture references, Bible study words, significant and recurring questions, important philosophical, theological and practical applications of core truths, and selections of devotional material drawn from centuries of great Christian thought. A book to stir both mind and emotions.
Source: Amazon.com
Christian Who Moved the Stone? by Frank Morrison. On the resurrection on Jesus.
English journalist Frank Morison had a tremendous drive to learn of Christ. The strangeness of the Resurrection story had captured his attention, and, influenced by skeptic thinkers at the turn of the century, he set out to prove that the story of Christís Resurrection was only a myth. His probings, however, led him to discover the validity of the biblical record in a moving, personal way.

Who Moved the Stone? is considered by many to be a classic apologetic on the subject of the Resurrection. Morison includes a vivid and poignant account of Christís betrayal, trial, and death as a backdrop to his retelling of the climactic Resurrection itself.
Source: Back Cover


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» Li Hongzhi (Falun Gong) claims to outrank Jesus
» Sun Myung Moon (Moonies) claims to have arranged Jesus' marriage (in the spirit world)


Christian Jesus The DVD version of the Jesus Film.
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