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Dutch occultic ''faith healer'' who, among other things, claims to energize (''beam'') healing properties into plain tap water (on location or elsewhere). Real name: Joke Damman.

Psychologist and naturologist Ewald Vervaet has investigated dozens of purported healings and miracles, but thus far has not one has been verified. In his book, ''The Phenomenon - Jomanda,'' he debunks several of her claimed miracles, attributes her hit-and-miss insights to ''clear thinking'' (essentially ''cold reading''), and concludes:

It is my sincere belief that Jomanda is not in any way paranormally gifted.
The Phenomenon - Jomanda, Ewald Vervaet,

Jomanda's own web site includes the following introduction:

Jomanda was born in Deventer on the 5th day of May 1948. Her father had already died before she was born. At the age of 5 years she took ballet lessons. She ended her successful career as a ballet dancer after she became aware of her duty as healing medium. At the age of 21 she heard from a clairvoyant that she had healing faculties. At home and abroad Jomanda has meanwhile successfully familiarized people with her method of working during the Healing Service sessions. The cause of disease or ailment may be traced through the medium of Jomanda. Her deceased father is her guide and the intermediary as well for so-called spiritual doctors who can use her as a channel/medium to cure diseases of the body and the mind. Everyone can and may receive the help from the Divine world that is possible for him or her at that moment. But there is always help for everyone who sincerely asks for it and exacts nothing. This can be done by means of Jomanda's hands, voice or entire physical radiation. Healing also take place by means of so-called ''spiritual operations''; directly during the sessions or indirectly e.g. at home and her radio and/or TV programs. All responses caused through the medium of Jomanda are always positive for body and mind. Whether you want to or can accept it is your own decision. Jomanda and her spiritual helpers will always accept you as you are in this connection. You need not believe it, but you may experience it.
Jomanda (Official web site)

Karin Spaink, in a newspaper column in which she describes a visit to a Jomanda meeting, writes:

We received gifts we had brought ourselves. Everyone had to bring something that was collected at the entrance, and later distributed by Jomanda, who was ''led from above'' as to what gift to give to each person. Each gift came with a message. "A bottle. I am getting that it has something to do with drinking. Do you perhaps drink too much? The message is that you'd better drink a little less.'' The recipient shakes her head: no, she doesn't drink alcohol. ''Someone close to you, perhaps?'' The recipient insists. Nobody she cared much about imbibed too much. Quickly Jomanda faces the hall. ''Who brought this gift? Ah, you. Do you perhaps have problem with alcohol? Of someone close to you?'' In concentration, the giftgiver nods. Yes, she has a nephew who drinks too much. ''Well, than then message is for him. Tell him that it is not good too drink too much.'' In the hall, respect rose. That she, Jomanda, knew this about the nephew...
Lourdes in the Betuwe (Dutch) Karin Spain, Het Parool, Aug. 15, 2000. Unofficial translation.

A group of students from a Catholic University visited one of Jomanda's meetings, and in their skeptical report noted:

She began the healing service with the song, ''Song of Light.'' It was sung by everyone, standing hand in hand. Barely a few lines into the songs, some people were already effected by the healing actions. That is, the began laughing, crying, or shaking uncontrollaby, or they literally could not move. Jomanda had earlier talked about these things and we reacted according to her advice: leave these folks in their value, and do not touch them. Unfortunately, not everyone obeyed. This became evident after some horrible screams, after which Jomanda again said not to toch people as doing so would cause pain.

Next Jomanda was told by the Gods who to call out from the public for a privileged treatments on the (spiritual) operating tabled.

This was followed by a mass laying on of hands, and those who wanted were invited to hold their right index finger onder the stream of healing water. Some elected folks walks through the rock garden (behind the podium) in the hope of being healed. Meanwhile, a girl danced, thumb in mouth, across the podium; a boy practiced tai chi; someone else had been laughing for 45 minutes; two people had fallen out of their wheelchairs; and and entire family had for some time already made shock-movements as if their spines were made of rubber.
Excursie naar Jomanda (Dutch) Unofficial translation

Christians will note the similarities with the manifestations that take place in today's controversial renewal and revival movements.

Jomanda's web site includes a recipe claimed to heal cancer.

A recipe by Jomanda purported to heal cancer, posted on the internet, has incurred sharp reactions from the medical community. According to Jomanda, known as a healing medium, a mixture of codliver oil, honey, and sage is enough to control and get rid of cancer

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is angry over Jomanda's recipe, because her advice is complete nonsense.
Woede over recept Jomanda tegen kanker (Dutch) De Telegraaf, May 19, 2000


Secular Lourdes in the Betuwe (Dutch) In this issue of one of her newspaper columns, noted Scientology critic, Karin Spaink describes a visit to a Jomanda meeting
Secular Jomanda's racistische guru (Dutch) ''The books of dreamer/storyteller Jozef Rulof (1898 - 1952) propagate a form of occult Christianity with nonsensical and dangerous teachings. But Jomanda is full of praise for him." Jomanda has publicly claimedd that truth is in his books, that they are her favorite books, and the only ones she recommends.
Secular Nooit blind geweest en toch genezen (Dutch) ''Never been blind, and yet healed : An investigation into Jomanda's 'miracle healings''' By Ewald Vervaet, published by Stichting Skepsis (Skeptical inquiries)


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