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Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember

Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember

Hermes Far Eastern Shining


This Australian organization's official web site used to describe the term ''Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember'' as follows:

The vibration of the earth realm is yellow along with an infinity of other yellow realms. All the apparent forms within this realm are the Forms of Yellow. The earth realm borders the red ('hell') worlds, hence the earth realm is a last chance to remember what is our True Heart's Desire, which is known in the confession of Only God. In this context the earth realm is a kind of 'purgatory' or 'place' balanced between 'heaven' and 'hell'. The Remembering of the Forms of Yellow is an awakening beyond the impulses of mere tendency to the Enlightened condition of Salvation and Liberation.
About us, Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember, official web site

Confused? Let's try again. The same page claims that:

Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember appears in the form of Living waters, wands, pendants and other artifacts that transform utterly the person and the living environment from what is usually the case to at last, and over time, abiding in the bliss of total Happiness beyond all reason.

Selling Water

Not surprisingly, this ''bliss of total Happiness'' does not come cheap. The company sells ''more than 250 Waters'' at $40 per 90ml bottle - a bit steep for what Australian newspaper the Courier-Mail says amounts to ''water of similar purity to spring water''

These waters are intended for drinking. According to a correspondent, the company claims that, once empty, the bottles can filled with regular tap water as the container itself remains ''empowered.'' Infinity makes the following claims about its waters:

The Waters flow as a river of Healing Elixirs. To drink thereof is to be touched by the greatest of all balms, an end to the destiny of suffering and an ultimate lifting to the blissful realm of the immortal destiny. The river of life that the waters are is articulated to dissolve the particular karmas of any and every suffering mortal.
Waters, Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember, official web site

Additional Products

The company's other products come with similarly confusing descriptions. One item, called '''It Looks Like Rain,' 4108 August Way,'' sells for $500 ($600 for the deluxe version with drawer). It is described as...

... a wooden three dimensional house (11cm by 11cm) that creates sanctuary wherever it is placed. Sanctuary is where the vulgar world cannot intrude or is greatly diminished. This enables a sacred occasion to take place rather than simply forms of downtown drama.
'It Looks Like Rain' 4108 August Way, , Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember official web site

True Path To God?

According to a correspondent in Australia, Jesse O'My Heart, the group's leader, ''is apparently reinventing himself as a new Jesus, and has got all the devotees thinking he is the only true path to God.'' O'My Heart also refers to himself as the ''Alchemist.''

This correspondent also writes:

They carry little ''wands'' of empowered water about where ever they go to protect them from different things, or to give them strength etc. They even use the wands (you'll see them on the website I think) to tap them on cups of coffee to take away the danger the caffeine may have! The prices of the products are expensive. His latest invention is the ''saturn bubbler'' at about $7,500.

In case you're wondering, Infinity describes ''The Saturn Bubbler,'' as ''a vast energy configuration made of rotating spheres of energy that revolve around each other in an unfathomable multi-dimensional array that interacts with the 'world' environment to dissolve the architecture of pollution.''

Also in the USA

According to a recent news item, the group has a growing band of followers in Tasmania, and is spreading through both Australia and America.

An online ad in a Chicago-based New Age publication shows a chiropractic center offering Infinity's ''Ecstacyshops.''

In the U.S., the company apparently also works under the name, ''Earth Nucleus - Wild Fire'' - the only website Infinity refers to on it's links page.

''Earth Nucleus - Wild Fire'' sells only one product, ''Earth Rising Miracle Lotion.'' However, the site's contact form refers back to Infinity for more items:

You can also follow the links to www.infinity-formsofyellow.com where you can find out more about the rest of the product and the offering that is given at this time.
We would love to hear from you, Earth Nucleus - Wild Fire

A health cult purporting to work miracles and offer cures for serious ailments has come under fire from a Hobart alderman.

The organisation, called Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember, has a growing band of followers in Tasmania.

It was started by a former Tasmanian, Gerald H Attrill, who now goes by the name Jessa O'My Heart, but has spread through both Australia and America.

Hobart City Council alderman Ron Christie said the cult, based on the principles of alchemy - the medieval belief in turning metal into gold and the search for the elixir of life - was duping people of money.

Ms Junior, a nurse at St Helens Hospital, and now using an Infinity name, denied the organisation was a cult.

''It's not a cult ... that's the ridiculous thing,'' she said.

''There is no membership. It's a heart matter.

''It's a feeling thing that can't be analysed by the head.''

Ald Christie said it was unknown how many active members were in the state but he said he had recently been contacted by three concerned relatives.

''It's going to grow and no one else wants to do anything about it. It is very difficult to find out about the extent this cult has grown in Hobart because of the secrecy that surrounds it,'' he said.

Another Hobart man whose partner has been involved with Infinity for about 12 months said he had been devastated by her involvement.

He refused to be named because he believed his partner would end the relationship if she knew he had spoken to the media about the group's activities.

Although still together, the man said his partner had spent at least $7000 on Infinity products and he had now taken steps to protect his own finances.

''It's typical cult story,'' he said. ''They promise everything and deliver nothing. They are brainwashed. They are 100% for the cult and become fanatical.''

Infinity products can be ordered through its Website and offers for $40 ''empowered'' water, said to have special healing qualities, and magic wands, about 10cm long, selling for $200 a pair.

A laboratory test on a sample of ''Pink Beloved'' water obtained from an Infinity shop last year was revealed to simply contain water similar to the purity of spring water.

Last year the Queensland Government asked the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the product claims but the Brisbane shop closed down before an investigation could be done.
Cult Alert, The Mercury (Australia), Nov. 2, 2000

The State Government is set to ask an alleged health cult to prove that its ''empowered'' waters can provide miraculous cures. The curiously named Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember is ... selling 90ml bottles of water at $40 along with an introductory healing session. The shop features advertising pamphlets which claim the water can heal everything from weak hearts and PMT to migraine and muscle fatigue.

A laboratory test on a sample of ''Pink Beloved'' water obtained by the Courier-Mail from the shop last month revealed it contained water of similar purity to spring water.

Some pamphlets claim alchemist Jessa O'My Heart has empowered the waters on sale.

One pamplet, obtained from the shop, said that some of the waters had undergone testing at the Southern Cross University in Lismore and had been found to work.

But Southern Cross University deputy vice-chancellor Harry Hyland said the university had nothing to do with the products and had asked Infinity to stop using its name.

Two investigators have alleged the organization is a cult using young people to sell its products.

Brisbane cult expert Jan Groenveld said she had parents telephone her concerned about the influence the organization had on their student sons and daughters.

United States expert Rick Ross also suggested the organization is a cult.
'Cult' in deep water over claims, Courier-Mail (Australia), Mar. 13, 1999

This group has changed its name to Hermes Far Eastern Shining.


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Non-Christian Earth Nucleus - Wild Fire Infinity's U.S. operation.
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