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Li Hongzhi

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Li Hongzhi


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Founder and leader of Falun Gong

North American members have also repeatedly denied the group is a cult, has a doomsday message or believes their meditation leads to magical powers, like levitation and invisibility.

But Mr. Li has also told Western reporters that humanity will soon be wiped out, that space aliens are on Earth trying to replace human beings with clones and that he is invested with supernatural powers allowing him to move through dimensions. He also criticizes rock 'n'roll, science and homosexuality.
Outlawed sect leader fears bloodshed in China, The Globe and Mail, July 23, 1999

Li preaches salvation from a world corrupted by science, technology and decadence, and says he outranks Jesus and Buddha.
Taiwan Urged to Invite Sect Leader to Visit, Inside China Today/Reuters, Dec. 24, 2000


Secular Interview with Li Hongzhi TIME Asia

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Li Hongzhi
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