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Benny Hinn - Truth or Consequences?
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Benny Hinn - Truth or Consequences

Part 4


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     Benny claimed to say things that were never shared before in public. The Friday evening message was very disturbing. We waited to hear a message from the Word. Finally, after 2˝ hours with the mood set by music, he spoke. The problem was, it was all about his experiences of the spiritual realm. Here are a few of the highlights:

     "I’ve known moments when I’ve felt the presence of God, I’ve smelled the presence of God. I did this morning right here. And those around me smelled the frankincense. In Detroit, Michigan, so great was the presence of God, the whole building began to fill up with a mist and we began to breath it and smell it, frankincense…I’ve seen the presence of God…I not only have smelled it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes…Moses saw a cloud…Peter, James and John saw a cloud...As Christ walked into that cloud, and the voice of God spoke and said, ‘This is my beloved Son, hear Him"…many times, in our own meetings, many times I will see a mist over people. I can actually see like a mist over the people’s heads…Elisha said, ‘Open his eyes, Lord. Open the eyes of my servant so he might see.’"
     Nowhere does the Bible allude to breathing or smelling the Holy Spirit. When God’s presence came it was visible to all, not something seen by the few who have an anointing and spiritual insights. Elisha did not see God’s presence, but saw the spiritual realm where the angels prepared for the battle that was about to occur. This was a one time occurrence. Everything Hinn presented was uncommon and even foreign for the believer today!
     Benny went on claiming, "Whenever I talk to Him, I see Him. I can tell you what color He has on. I’ve seen that so many times. Most times I see Him wearing a blue, beautiful, almost like a silkish-looking garment, a white garment, a white and a scarlet garment…And often when I see Him, I know whether He is pleased with me or displeased with me. There’s been times when I see Him with a smile. Other times I see Him with a very serious look. Other times…it’s almost like a mist around His face. And He speaks to me so clearly. You know I ask Him questions that most people probably don’t ask Him. I said, ‘Lord, show me my future. I want to do something with my future.’ I saw my future, had a vision and I saw myself as an old man with white hair. I said, ‘Lord, how long will I live?’ He told me. He said, ‘Sixty-nine. If you take care of yourself, seventy-three.’ So I want to buy a treadmill."

     Mr. Hinn seems very comfortable with such honorary appearances of God right in his room and wherever he goes. John the beloved knew a special and close friendship with Christ on earth. But when he saw the Lord in the Book of Revelation, he fell at His feet as dead. The Bible says that all of our days are numbered, so did God give Benny Hinn a choice?
Does the Lord continue to appear to Benny Hinn in spite of the fact that the Bible clearly states how Jesus Christ is sitting at the right hand of the Father as our mediator until he comes again? When Jesus comes we will all see him at the same time.
     Benny explained the closeness of the supernatural realm. He said, "It’s closer to you than the air you breath…I’ve walked in that world. I’ve seen things you would never be able to understand." Then he appealed to his longtime friend, Paul Crouch, to validate his story. "Paul, do you believe that I am a man of God? Do you? How long have you known me? Am I crazy? Can I tell you something? I’ve never shared this. Never! I was in prayer one day and a man appeared in front of me. For two days in a row, twice, one day and the next day. I saw this man in my room. It frightened me at first. When you enter into this world of prayer it starts with the mind where you’re so accustomed to the things around you, then you enter into a spiritual thickness and wealth where nothing bothers you, nothing frightens you. Angels don’t surprise you anymore with their appearance because you’ve been already tasting and been feeling and you been living in an atmosphere. Do you understand that?…You are not shocked by anything. There appeared to me a man…He was about six feet two. Old man…white beard. His face was somewhat thin, but very bold! Eyes, crystal blue! He had on a white garment…On his head was like a shawl…He looked like a priest. But every part of Him glistened like crystal. And I spoke out and I said, ‘Lord, who is this man I see?’ I know you might think I lost my mind, but the Lord said, ‘Elijah the prophet!’ Do you know when that happened? That happened days before the anointing on my life doubled. Literally! The ministries anointing doubled after that." (Honolulu Hawaii, Feb. 28, 1997 evening service).


     Anyone is free to believe whatever they want. However when it comes to the Bible and promoting a Christianized mysticism to the millions we must speak out. When Angels and saints are said to come visiting on a regular basis, influencing a person, then he effects millions of others to attempt to live in like manner, it is time to call it a night. When Elisha asked Elijah for his mantle, Elijah said it was not his to give. He said, if you see me go up, God will give you the double portion. He had to leave first. In contrast, Hinn claims a special visitation likened to Jesus upon the Mount of Transfiguration. Nowhere in the New Testament are we to expect such experiences or double portions. Hinn believes that from this he can dispense the anointing to others.

     Scripturally, everyone has the same anointing; but the Holy Spirit expresses himself in different functions. Again we don’t receive the anointing from dead people or alive people, it comes from Jesus alone as in 1 John 2:27, "But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it has taught you, ye shall abide in him."
The anointing is in order that we may teach the truth. The Spirit leads us to understand Jesus’ words, not some new kind of meaning. The whole New Testament points to Christ in you, an inward transformation, and to reveal Christ in us (Gal.1:16; 4:19; Eph.3:17; Col.1:27; 2 Cor.3:18). Hinn continually leads others to look for visions, apparitions and outside influences to really know Christ.
     Jesus did not say, "I am sending you the healing, miracle working, signs and wonders Holy Spirit." The Spirit is called the Paraclete, meaning another like Jesus or one who comes alongside us as a helper. Yes, he does miracles but not on man’s schedule nor as a common promise to all. In Acts the Spirit baptized people and gave them power to speak the Word boldly (and correctly I might add).
     In the book, The Anointing, Benny talks about four different levels for Christians. He believes we must achieve the higher levels or we cannot be used of God as he would like. The third level is "the presence." The fourth level is "the anointing," which he supposedly lives in himself. The promoting of this special superiority is just the opposite from scripture. Colossians 2:10 tells us that we are "complete in him." In Ephesians 1:3, we are "blessed with every spiritual blessing." Scripture teaches us to be continually filled with the Spirit, but this is not a transference into a level of the spiritual realm.
     In 1974, Benny testifies about holding up his hands to pray in church and a hundred people fell on the floor. Then he was launched into ministry overnight. I have a tremendous problem with this. All of the apostles spent time with the Lord. Paul, the most learned of all, still spent several years in Arabia learning from the Lord. God always prepares the vessel before He entrusts him with service. God never entrusted anyone with the type of power that Benny offers. It is disturbing to see so many people accept this as the gospel without testing it’s origins or current operations! Compare the biblical model to what is going on in the fanfare of the miracle crusades and you discover that the modern experiences could not go any further away from scriptural guidelines.
     While Hinn’s mouth may point to the Lord, his actions and his Bible interpretations say something quite different. Claiming to give the anointing to others is just plain arrogance! When Jesus healed someone, He instructed the healed one not to tell anyone. When Paul and Peter were used of God to heal, they did not line people up and parade them around publicly. They did not interview them one after another on a stage in front of people asking questions like, "What did you feel? Was it warm? Was it electric? Describe it for us." They did not knock them down in front of everybody with an alleged anointing while crying out, "Touch!" or "There’s power here!" "Take the anointing!" We see Mr. Hinn knocking people down, picking them up and knocking them down, even up to five to eight times. What is the purpose of this experience? Is the first anointing that he places on people not enough? Is it all for show? He sometimes has people falling together like a violent pile-up on a freeway. People are lifted off the ground resembling a martial arts movie. Nothing glorifies God with this behavior.

     The meetings are out of control in the sense of being outside the scriptural operations of the Spirit. In Oklahoma, in 1986, an 85 year old woman fractured her hip when someone that was slain in the Spirit fell on her. She later died from the complications. A suit for 5 million dollars was issued and settled out of court. Shortly afterwards was born the ministry of catchers.32
     The only way to know the true from the false is to test it. Jesus had the greatest anointing. Yet, when He prayed for people they did not fall over.
When He breathed on the apostles to receive the Spirit, they did not fall. Neither did Jesus fall when He was anointed at His baptism. The Spirit came upon him as a dove, gentle, and as a companion. Hinn’s phenomena is foreign to Scripture. He claims that the Holy Spirit is a person and God; but he throws him around as a force that he claims is the Holy Spirit. The spirit Benny works with goes where he directs him. John 3:8 says, "No one knows where the Spirit comes from or where the Spirit goes..." The Holy Spirit is likened to the wind. In contrast, Mr. Hinn seemingly knows where he will go next. Can someone say "touch" and have the Spirit respond? If so, who is in control?
     Benny even has power spots appear upon stage where this spirit is manifested, so he directs people to run to that part of the stage. Those within the power spot all fall down under this "anointing." Think, my friend! Where do we find these experiences? 1 Corinthians 4:6 tells us not to exceed what is written. There are parameters. Even the apostles did not have these kind of experiences through the Holy Spirit! What power is operating? What is the source? The Bible commands us to test it. Mature Christians test the spirits; babes, weak and carnal Christians do not test (Heb.5:13-14).
     Whether through naiveté or insecurity in not wanting to know the truth, the result will be the same for everyone who does not guard their souls, regardless of the reason, they fall into destructive unbiblical practices that will hurt their Christian walk and testimony.
     Benny Hinn and this kind of supernatural phenomena could not exist in a biblically-centered atmosphere. His errors would be immediately exposed in discerning, Bible-believing congregations, submitted to and operating within the Word of truth. There is no room for Holy Ghost theatrics. The further removed from God’s revelation people get, the more they will succumb to spiritual leaders who claim powers from on high, while taking the church away from true worship. When people are steered by euphoric feelings, in awe of the stage and the performers charisma, the heart drifts far from God.

     If one were to put together all the revelations, visions and encounters of God and angels in Hinn’s life, they would far exceed anyone from the biblical record. Martin Luther described certain people of his day as spirit fanatics. Hinn is so involved in spiritual manifestations, that it would seem that God is not doing anything if something sensational does not happen. True Christianity is worked out in people’s lives through a steady consistent walk of God. His working in lives conforms them to be His Son! It
is a daily walk of yielding to the Lord. I believe in miracles, but not in what is being portrayed by Mr. Hinn.
     Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 3:2 that all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution, but evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. How is this accomplished? The deception is in connection with avarice and gain. Power is offered that they cannot give. Money seems to always be involved. Christ’s anointed church is under His headship and He alone does the anointing for service. God’s blessing is not through any engineering of men. God works by His Spirit, in His timing and in His way, not through a manner of miracle crusades from town to town like a rock concert tour.
     What if the whole church followed Hinn’s model of Christianity? Everyday we would have someone receive a new revelation from God. The new revelation would then supersede the former truth of those before them. We would return to the same Gnosticism of the 1st century, of which numerous epistles were written to counter. We must adhere to the truth delivered to the apostles of the Lord, not to newly anointed prophets and apostles held up as Protestant popes in the latter days. We need to practice the biblical priesthood of all believers and experience the deeper walk with God, not depend on prophetic mediators who claim to pass on super anointings.
     Benny Hinn once said, "If I say something that is not from the Bible, believe the Bible; don’t believe me!...I told you earlier, if I say something (and) the Bible says something else, you believe the Bible. Say, ‘The Bible is always right.’" That was good advice which multitudes disregard. If the church acted upon Benny Hinn’s advice, he might not fill the stadiums anymore. I admonish you to exercise caution and discernment. See whether Mr. Hinn teaches Bible truth. Then you can watch over your soul and you can rightly divide the Word of truth in showing yourself a workman approved of God. Only then can you protect yourself and others from becoming victims and experiencing the consequences of Hinn’s Fables.  

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