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The Gentle Wind Project

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About This Entry

This entry provides a brief look at The Gentle Wind Project. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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Aug. 15, 2006 Update:

The state [of Maine] has entered into a consent decree with The Gentle Wind Project that dissolves the organization and forbids its founders from making false claims about its so-called "healing instruments," officials said Monday.

Technology from the Spirit World

The Gentle Wind Project, based in Kittery, Maine (USA), says it attempts "to eliminate enough suffering and damaging human behavior to insure all of humanity a better future."

To this end, the organization - which describes itself as "a not-for-profit world healing organization with a remarkable healing technology" - claims to have developed "Instruments [...] that would alleviate most negative human conditions, along with telepathic abilities to transmit these healings to anyone. "

In case that makes you wonder, the organization helpfully proclaims that "[t]he technology available through The Gentle Wind Project comes from the Spirit World, not the human world."

Come again?

According to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune,

The founders of the organization that manufactures the devices make them with knowledge gained through "telepathic impressions in the form of engineering blueprints" from "a place outside of this Earth and its astral system." In addition to mental and emotional benefits, the instruments also are supposed to relieve pain.
Source: 'Healing' cards offered to victims, San Diego Union-Tribune (USA), Dec. 11, 2003
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The Gentle Wind Project itself offers the following explanation:

The Gentle Wind Project is a Registered Trademark. Do not accept imitations no matter how expensive or beautiful they may appear. No one person or group possesses this technology except The Gentle Wind Project. No One. If the healing device you acquire is not made by us and does not have our trademark, it does not now and will NEVER WORK.

This “trauma card” distributed free to veterans who attended a Gentle Wind Project open house Saturday in Ellsworth is similar to one in the project’s online catalog that has a suggested “donation” price of $650. The project’s Web site claims “the technology available through the Gentle Wind Project comes from the spirit world, not the human world.”
- Text from Alternative "Healer" Sues Former Fans
Our Healing Instruments are designed with a code that cannot be copied, and if the code is not present the Instrument will not work. While many individuals are trying to copy our Instruments - they cannot be copied or modified. The way they work is extremely complex and cannot be understood by anyone in humanity at this time.

Our healing technology incorporates an elaborate sentinel system which prevents anyone from "breaking into" or corrupting the system in any way.

Unfortunately for the very curious, this is the best explanation, shallow as it is, that we can provide right now. Some day in the future when humanity is ready, we will explain in more detail how the Instruments and the total system works. That time will not be determined by the earthly staff of this Project. It will be determined in the WORLD OF BENEVOLENT SPIRITS where a much bigger view of our progress and place in the cosmos can be evaluated. One significant criteria will be a certainty that humanity could not misuse this technology to harm itself.
Source: Healing Instruments Explained - Sort Of ...Off-site Link The Gentle Wind Project. Last accessed, Mar. 23, 2005
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• First posted: Mar. 23, 2005
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