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Children of God, Family of Love, The Family, The Family International Fellowship; Fellowship of Independent Missionary Communities

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• This entry provides a brief look at The Family International. For indepth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

• Entries in Apologetics Index are updated as time permits.

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Secular exFamily.org Boards and Live ChatOff-site Link ExFamily.org operates four chat boards:
  • Generation eXers board
    It is safe to assume that no member can come away from the COG experience without re-examining his/her belief system. We recognize that many members once exiting the Family have naturally become hesitant about their faith - if they have any left to salvage. Many want to distance themselves from any talk of religion whatsoever. With this in mind, we wish to offer a place where eXers can discuss their ideas, hopes, despairs and aspirations freely and not feel compelled to relate everything religiously. We realize that for some, this is a very necessary and required space.
  • Academic/Research board
    This discussion board is for Academic and Research purposes. Those with questions about the existence of abuses in The Family, Family policies/doctrines/dogma, Family publications, missing persons, or anything else that fits in the academic/research vein may post here. Remember that when you present your ideas here, you present them for discussion. We expect all posts to be written with an academic flavor and dispassionate tone. If you wish to debate, please present your facts objectively, do your homework and quote your sources if necessary. Posts unbefitting the above will be deleted at the sole discretion of the coordinator.
  • Journeys board
    This board offers a safe, non-threatening environment for ex-members of The Family/Children of God who, while de-toxing from the abusive spiritual atmosphere of the Family, still have faith—or are on a spiritual journey, unsure of what they believe. It was created for those who, while de-toxing from the spiritual atmosphere of The Family, wish to discuss spiritual and Biblical issues, including comparing genuine Christianity to heresies and spiritual abuse. While we encourage active dialogue, we must caution you that respect for those of different beliefs is imperative... This is a space for dialogue (not arguments) between those who are of different spiritual persuasions. Some people have emerged from Berg’s injurious teachings with faith in God intact, for others this is an ongoing process; some have had their faith nearly destroyed by the group and have put spiritual matters on ice. This board is a space for dialogue between those who are of different spiritual persuasions.
  • CQ (Seek You) board
    This board was created in response to various requests we get from time to time, from people seeking lost friends/family connected to the group called The Family/Children of God. It is a place to reconnect and rediscover each other and hopefully assist in the recovery process.... sort of a "Lost & Found" department. Happy reunions! In order to protect the identities of those who may not necessarily want to be "found" only Bible names will be allowed in the CQs. An exception can be made where there are extenuating circumstances, but written permission must be obtained from the coordinator. Seekers may use their old Bible names as handles, or for those who were never in the group, you may choose to use any name you want.
Secular Moving OnOff-site Link An online community "created by and for young adults with parents who joined the religious organization The Family / Children of God."
Christian New Day NewsOff-site Link A collection of forums " for people that have been or still are associated with 'The Family'"
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• Subject: The Family International
• First posted: Dec. 1, 1996
• Last Updated: Apr. 7, 2005
• Editors: Anton and Janet Hein
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