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Children of God, Family of Love, The Family, The Family International Fellowship; Fellowship of Independent Missionary Communities

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• This entry provides a brief look at The Family International. For indepth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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Secular Academic Supporters of The FamilyOff-site Link Posted on the Moving On (ex-member) site, this item addresses the issue of cult apologists for the group.
SecularAcademic Brainwashing and Re-Indoctrination Programs in the Children of God/The FamilyOff-site Link by Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D. and Deana Hall, M.A., University of Alberta
Secular The Children of GodOff-site Link By Robert McFarland, MD, The Journal of Psychohistory 21 (4) Spring 1994
On October 31, 1993, River Phoenix, a popular young movie star, died of heroin and cocaine use on the streets of Los Angeles. Not only were his fans surprised at his use of drugs -he had a reputation as a vegetarian and ecologist- but they were even more startled when they learned from the People magazine article on his death that he had "lost his virginity" when he was four years old. What People didn't elaborate on, however, was that his parents belonged to a cult called The Children of God since he was a boy, and that this cult openly believed in using children for sexual purposes.
Christian A Brief Historical OutlineOff-site Link "The Children of God, a.k.a. The Family, 1968 - current day"
Secular Children of GodOff-site Link Extensive entry in Wikipedia
Secular Complete Judgement of Lord Justice WardOff-site Link
Secular 'The Family' and Final HarvestOff-site Link by Gustav Neibuhr, The Washington Post, June 2, 1993. Good overview of The Family's history and controversies.
Christian The Family's Policy on Lying and DeceptionOff-site Link An original article compiled by Ed Priebe in 1994, updated & edited by the staff of ExFamily.orgOff-site Link
Christian Inside The 'Heavenly Elite': The Children Of God TodayOff-site Link by Dalva Lynch, with Paul Carden. Dalva Lynch, a former top leader in the Brazilian operation of the Children of God, provides an unparalleled glimpse into this notorious cult's current activities, teachings, and international intrigue. Published in 1990.
Secular Family ValuesOff-site Link by Hugh Muir, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, UK, Jan. 5, 1997: "Child abuse, prostitution, promiscuity. That's all in the past for the shiny, happy people of the Family of Love. Or is it?"
Secular I was a Hooker for Heaven in an Evil Sex Cult Off-site Link by Philip Smith, National Enquirer, July 6, 1999
Miriam Williams spent 15 years as a member of a bizarre sex cult called Children of God, sleeping with countless men in the twisted notion that it "would show them God's love."
SecularAcademic Lustful ProphetOff-site Link "A Psychosexual Historical Study of the Children of God's Leader, David Berg" by Stephen A. Kent
Christian Moses Berg: A False ProphetOff-site Link Article from Dialog Center International
When we take a critical view at the American David Berg, who was considered a prophet and called Moses David by his followers in the religious sect "The Family" (previously known as "The Children of God"), certain norms for true and false prophecy may be used. These are based on the two articles by Knud Jeppesen and Helge Kjaer Nielsen in the Danish publication titled The New Dialog.
Christian My Apology and AccountingOff-site Link "A confession of my personal involvement in WS" (WS = World Services) by Ed Priebe
Christian My Experience with Children of God/The FamilyOff-site Link Testimony on the FACTNet site
Christian New Doctrine of Masterburbating to JesusOff-site Link Jan Groenveld comments on The Family's 'Loving Jesus' revelations quoted here.
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• Subject: The Family International
• First posted: Dec. 1, 1996
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