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David Francis

Action for Christ Ministries

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This entry provides a brief look at David Francis. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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David Francis is "the driving force behind the Action for Christ Ministry, Kingdom of God on Earth," in Hertzogville, South Africa.

He has told newspaper reporters that he became a Christian 30 years ago. About 18 years ago, he started his church, Action for Christ Ministries, in Johannesburg. He claims that between 500 and 600 people were healed every time he visited a black township. "I don't lay hands on them. They just come in faith to a church where God is present and they are healed."

And he claims to have a final message from God to people and their churches. That message will come in the form of the resurrection of the late Paul Meintjies, who was member of Francis' Action for Christ Ministries church. Meintjies died on July 1, 2004.

Francis, the prophet, said he got to know the Meintjies family many years ago.

"God told me Meintjies should not be buried after his death. I already knew that something big was waiting on us on that day.

"However, I did not know it would be his departure.

"I merely bring God's message. I believe that Meintjies will be resurrected to allow God to be glorified.

"His resurrection will take place long after his death so that people will not be able to say that he did not die. But it will be soon."

"It is not necessary to have a continuous wake at his side. God will tell me when the time is nigh and then I will be there," said Francis.

"His next of kin must make the decision themselves not to bury him. I was only a courier, bringing God's message.

"They took the step themselves to abide in their belief."
Source: Dad will rise again - family, News24.com, July 8, 2004
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The family expected the ressurrection to take place on July 29, 2004, but David Francis was not so sure:

It seems as if Paul Meintjies' predicted "resurrection" from the dead has been postponed.

Speculation in this Free State town had been that the late Meintjies would arise from the dead on July 29.

Then, it seemed the momentous occasion would take place on August 5.

However, an upset David Frances, founder of Action for Christ Ministries, who predicted the "resurrection", said from Durban on Wednesday he had no clue where these dates had come from.

He said: "The Lord can inform me tomorrow at 02:00 that now is the right time, and then I'll drive to Hertzogville. It may be many more days still. We don't know when the Lord's command will come."

He says people are "putting a spoke in the wheel".

After Meintjies' death on July 1, Frances told Anna Meintjes and two of her children, Pieter and Petro Josephs, that God's message to him was that Meintjies must not be buried because he would rise from the dead.
Source: 'Resurrection' date in doubt, News24.com, July 21, 2004
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