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Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR)

Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR), apologetics, countercult, apologists

Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR)

Christian Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR)

Founded in 1982 as a fellowship of evangelical Christian ministries in North America to the cults and new religions. EMNR was born in an effort to practically implement Affirmation 7 of the Lausanne Covenant: "We urge the development of regional and functional cooperation for the furtherance of the Church's mission, for strategic planning, for mutual encouragement, and for the sharing of resources and experience."

Our Purpose
  1. Missions - Facilitate mission to new religious movements through networking and the stimulation and formulation of mission strategy to new religions as frontier mission to unreached people groups.
  2. Accountability - Maintain worthy theological, ethical and missiological standards among members.
  3. Scholarship - Stimulate the scholarly and popular production of research and writing on neglected aspects of strategies, methods and materials important to reaching these unreached people groups.
  4. Recognition - Recognize the qualified and credentialed ministries reaching the unreached in the new religions and cults.
  5. Networking - Encourage mutual understanding and cooperation among evangelical Christian agencies and individuals, as well as secular organizations where appropriate.
  6. Referrals - Recommend to the public, churches and schools those agencies and materials which meet quality standards and may help as a protective to involvement with a non-Christian or pseudo-Christian religious movement.
Source: Our Purpose EMNR

The publisher of Apologetics Index supports the goals of EMNR. However, a buyer beware is in order: Sadly, recent EMNR president John Morehead (who stepped down in Jan. 2003, and was replaced by James Bjornstad) appeared to lead the organization into a dangerous direction.

In the process of promoting a missiological approach toward cultists and followers of alternative religions (a positive move), Morehead has become a vocal and active supporter of several cult apologists and their defenders, claiming that evangelical Christians can learn from their allegedly 'missiological approaches.'

He has invited cult apologist J. Gordon Melton and cult apologist denfender Douglas Cowan to speak at an EMNR conference. This was done without adequately warning participants regarding the philosophies under which these individuals operate.

Morehead's private project, The Sacred Tribes Journal, which he co-edits, prominently links to CESNUR and the sites of Jeffrey K. Hadden and Irving Hexham - without providing any kind of warning regarding the nature of those sites and the philosphies of the individuals who operate them.

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