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Dr. Ronald Enroth

Dr. Ronald Enroth, churches that abuse, recovering from, spiritual abuse

Dr. Ronald Enroth

Dr. Ronald Enroth


Dr. Ronald Enroth, is Professor of Sociology at Westmont College (Santa Barbara, California). An acknowledged national resource person on cults and new religious movements, Dr. Enroth has spent more than twenty-five years researching and writing in the area of current religious movements. In addition to many journal and magazine articles, he has authored or co-authored nine books, including: The Jesus People (Eerdmans, 1972), Youth, Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults (Zondervan, 1977), A Guide to Cults & New Religions (InterVarsity Press, 1983), The Lure of Cults and New Religions (InterVarsity Press, 1987), and Churches That Abuse (Zondervan, 1992), and Recovering From Churches That Abuse (Zondervan, 1994).

Dr. Enroth has conducted seminars and lectured on cults and new religious movements through North America and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs in connection with his research. He was the 1982 recipient of the Leo J. Ryan Commemorative Award given annually to the individual judged to be most active in focusing public attention on the dangers of destructive cults. The award is given in memory of those who died in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978.

He can be contacted at:

Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108-1099
Email: [email protected]


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